February 3, 2016

Hi guys! How's your week going so far? Mine is so-so.... lots of changes happening with little Carter and I am just trying to keep up!! A few of my mom friends have told me that once a baby starts becoming mobile, your life will completely change! 

Well that just started happening to me and that realization hit me hard yesterday. (Eeeks!) Carter is half crawling his little body all over the house and I mean all over and super fast too!! And nope we have not baby proofed the house yet. We were thinking that we would be ok to baby proof the house a little bit but we didn't really want to go all out baby proofing everything. We still want it to be somewhat free range. And to do that we would have to change a lot of things in our house. And there's always the easy option too to buy those big play pens. Hmmm..... decisions decisions.... For right now I think I am leaning more towards free range. 

Well to start, my house is really not baby friendly at all. We got this house about 6 years ago. It's 2 stories and close to 4200 sq. ft.  It took me about 2 years to decorate almost the whole house, finishing every room close to perfect. Decorating is a passion of mine so it was really fun for me to decorate each room slowly finding the perfect pieces, from the big furnitures to the smallest little accent detail.  It's also our 2nd home so we did put much more effort and invested more money in decorating it. Unlike our first home, ha! It was pretty much furnished by Ikea! 

So I am struggling to keep the living areas the way they are but still making it safe for a baby. After yesterday I knew something needs to be done. In a matter of seconds Carter is moving from one end to another. I realized I'm not going to be able to take my eyes off him at all until I make our house a little bit more safe and baby friendly. I'll need to get really creative design wise and money wise because  baby proofing a 4200 sq. ft. home is going to cost  some money.  Plus we still want it to be somewhat free range for him. 

Well, I came up with some ideas and if they work I will do an update post on here and maybe some photos of the house so I can share them with you. 
We learned tonight that apparently we cannot just get any gates to put around the house. We have high baseboards so I guess we will have to get special gates that cost more. So tomorrow I'll definitely be on a mission. 

Carter must have gotten it from his dad, once he gets into something he just wants to go all the way!!  Lol! All day crawling everywhere is all he wants to do. Forget all his toys, right now none of them matter!! It's all about crawling and mom holding him up to stand and walk! Haha! Such a busy little guy right now and definitely keeping me on my toes! 
So wish us luck guys!! And would love to hear any advise and thoughts from my mommy friends! 

Now about this look. I am still loving all styles of midi skirts! This one I am wearing is a little different form the ones I have worn before. This is a flowy lace material so it's pretty girly, but I like wearing it with an oversized turtle neck sweater and booties. I'd probably rock this too with my otk boots.  :) 

Sweater Forever21 / Similar HERE
Skirt Zara (sold out) / similar  HERE and HERE 
Booties Shoedazzle / Similar HERE and HERE
Clutch Aldo / Similar HERE and HERE
Sunnies EXPRESS / Splurge HERE

Have a great week guys!! 



January 26, 2016

Hi guys! I feel like it has been a while from last week's post. I've dialed it down a little on blog posts because it seems like Carter is at the age where he is really really interacting and wanting to play and discover with mommy most times now. So I thought I'd spend extra time with him right now.  He's really been so much fun and just always something new everyday. He is working so hard on trying to stand on his own and still working on his crawling skills. He definitely has more interest on standing than crawling but he sure is doing a great job with standing. It will be interesting to see which one will come first. 
But posts on instagram are regular so if you are not yet following me there, come follow along! :) 

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with layering on this look. You know how a lot of women love wearing all black? Well I think I'm the gray version of that. If I can wear gray or all gray everyday, I think I would. I also mentioned before that I'm really liking the new grunge style and so I thought it would be fun to rock a little bit of that. Found these really fun pins from Zara. Would also be fun to find cool patches to sew in the denim jacket but I haven't really gotten the time to look around. The nice thing about these pins though is you can easily remove them when you are not feeling them anymore.  Love these jeans from Zara. Haha it might look like I did a Zara haul here but I promise I actually got these Zara pieces all at different times. 

Anyway, I hope you guys all have a wonderful week! :)

Beanie c/o Urban Philosophy / Similar here and here
Coat Sheinside / Similar here and here 
Denim Jacket c/o Urban Philosophy / Similar here, here and here
Sweater Nordstrom / Similar here and here
Jeans Zara / Similar here and here
Boots Zara / Similar here and here
Jacket pins Zara - sold out


January 19, 2016

Jacket ZARA / Similar HERE, HERE, HERE and splurge HERE
Sweater SHOEDAZZLE / Similar HERE and HERE

Happy new week and also a short week guys! It was so nice to be able to spend the 3 day weekend with my boys. We had a fun and relaxing long weekend. I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too! 

So one of my favorite things to do with my over the knee boots is to wear them with midi skirts and uneven hem skirts.  I just really love the look and it's not something you see all the time. And from there you can totally play with layering, I think that any jacket, coat or cardigan would easily look good with a midi skirt and otk boots combo.  I wore this for a dinner out,  we had some family in town.  The jacket was perfect for the chilly, evening weather. 

Anyway, have a great week guys!! 



January 11, 2016

Dress FOREVER21  / Similar HERE and HERE
Boots ASOS / Similar HERE and HERE
Purse PRADA / Similar HERE

When less is definitely more! I really love this dress and so happy to have found it!! The simple, minimalist style is everything on this dress. The fabric they chose and color makes it edgy. The little button and zipper details are perfect and it's seriously such an easy piece to wear which makes this easily a favorite of mine. You can also always cinch the waist with a belt if your prefer that look. Well,  of course it is now sold out, but I found some similar ones and linked it above. Don't you guys love finding easy pieces like this that are just perfect for on-the go- busy days where you just have no time to put together an outfit. You just wear it and go!

I also think the dress is so perfect with OTK boots. And this particular pair is so comfortable even with heels. I literally have walked around in them all day and have not had any issues. 
And since we are going for a minimal look, I thought this black Prada purse would be perfect since it is a classic, simple black purse with just a gold detail. I love investing on classic style designer purses because you can use them forever and pretty much goes with everything!

This look is so effortless! Each piece is definitely a must have in your closet!

Have a great week guys!!




January 4, 2016

Jacket c/o SHEIN
Cardigan NORDSTROM / Similar HERE and THIS will really be cute too!
Pants Urban Philosophy / Similar HERE and HERE
Booties SHOEDAZZLE / Similar HERE and I think I want THIS
Sunglasses EXPRESS / Splurge HERE

Hi and Happy New Year everyone! Here's my first post for the year. Pretty crazy and amazing that we are now in 2016! But I hope you guys all had a nice New Year's eve! 

On this post I am wearing my new favorite (faux) leather jacket. I don't think I can ever own enough leather jacket. They are just so easy and goes good with pretty much everything. I also love to layer them because there really are no rules in layering so you can have as much fun as you want with it. I like to layer my leather jackets with different coats and cardigans to give them a slightly different look. I particularly love the sleeve style of this jacket and if you have several ones on rotation, well this one from SHEIN is definitely an easy addition because it seriously won't break the bank. They have several other styles available to choose from too!

I also am loving these booties. To my surprise they are actually so so so comfy and fit really well. Pretty happy with them. Can't wait to wear them with skirts and dresses.