December 22, 2017


I love my little family 
and I think I love how these photos turned out.
My next home project (can you guess?) ... Yes! It will be a photo wall, I'm so excited! 
I also listed everything we are wearing down below. 

Hope you and your family have the most wonderful and magical Christmas! 
Happy Holidays from my family 
to yours! 

Dress  Here
Heels Similar here and here

Carter' Suit is sold out but I found the exact same one Here, and Similar one Here

Mark's Velvet Tie  Here



December 17, 2017

During this time of the year, there are so many parties, engagements and events which makes this season so much more fun, joyful and magical! Being able to celebrate it with friends and family make it so special.  But it also makes it really really busy for everyone!! Finding the right outfits to for each event, gift shopping, gift wrapping, travel, Preparing the house for guests, Food prep for parties and so much more!! And I love having my Marc Bale watch this season, helping me stay on time and stay on schedule!  If you are like me.... I am always late!! (it's a real struggle haha!) And to make things even easier for me when getting ready and accessorizing, I also got this perfect Gold Cuff to go along my chic watch. I call it "the perfect gold cuff" because it's simple and stylish and it really easily goes along with anything I wear. So that cuts my getting ready time not having to think about what accessory to wear. I just grab my watch and the cuff and know that it goes well with anything and out the door I go. 

What about you guys? What life hacks do you guys have for the Holiday season  to save time and stay on time? I am sure you guys have a lot!! Please do share!! I would love to know!

By the way, this Gold Cuff and Marc Bale watch are actually on sale at The Peach Box plus you can also get an additional 20%OFF with code XMAS-20. They also make really great gifts as their quality is really nice. 

9 more days to Christmas guys!! 




December 11, 2017

Hi guys! Happy brand new week! 
First things first, I really just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you guys who have always been there with me on this journey from the very beginning and who are still here now even after I took a little break to be with Carter. I really really appreciate you guys!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  It's not so much about the number of likes each post gets but more about the community we have built, the experiences we share with each other and the things we all learn from each other. We continue to be better and to inspire one another and I think it's really amazing. 

Anyhoo, let's talk about one thing most of all of us love..... shopping!! How are you guys doing on your Christmas shopping? We are actually almost done with ours. For the first time ever, we actually started shopping early this year. It's kind of nice not having to rush and beating the crowd is always a good thing!

I am kind of obsessed with a few of the things I am wearing on this post. First is this Marc Bale watch with black leather straps. I just think this style is so chic and timeless,  you can wear this for years and will always look good.  I also love this Gold Cuff. It's very simple and stylish, it really complements the watch well. It will be really nice too to stack with other bracelets or cuffs. 
They are both from The Peach Box, a store I have liked for years now. I really love their style aesthetic and love all their pieces! They also make the perfect gifts, so if you are interested they actually have a sale right now plus you can get an additional 20% off with code XMAS-20.

I am also loving midi dresses right now worn with thigh high boots or any pointy boots really. Midi skirts would go really good too! I've linked a few cute midi dresses and most of them are on sale at 50% off. 

 Dress Similar here and here 
Boots here
Belt here
Sunnies here
Watch here
Gold Cuff here 




December 1, 2017

Hi Guys!! I know it has been a while since I have been here. I hope you guys are all doing fabulous especially now that it's the Holiday season.  There are just so many things to be grateful for. 
I decided to take a little break from blogging and just focus on Carter mostly. He is only at this age now and they grow up so fast so I really just wanted to put all the time in that I can with him. 
It has been such an amazing ride.  
We have also moved our whole family back to Socal from Norcal. And it has taken  a lot longer for us to get settled than I thought it would. But it is so so so nice to live closer to family!! 

This Thanksgiving Holiday, we kept it pretty small  and this was the outfit I wore for Thanksgiving dinner. I linked them below and similar ones. But I promise you this outfit did not break the bank! 
 I am so happy with the Fall colors this year!!  Ha! Being red as one of my fave color this season. I am also loving all the textures I am seeing being mixed and matched.  What about you guys? Which Fall color is your favorite?

In the past couple of weeks we have been doing a lot of Holiday stuff with Carter. I guess with his age being 2 he can totally understand so much more now than last year. 
This year,  he understands Christmas a little bit more and it's seriously so much fun! I now get to tell him about Santa. He so enjoys all the Christmas lights all over town and outside our neighborhood and he says "Mommy!! It's Christmas time!!" :D :D :D With the biggest, most excited eyeballs I have ever seen. Haha! He is actually  in charge of turning on all our Christmas lights every day. 
Anyway, I included some pics below of my boys (Carter and Mark) from Thanksgiving  night. 
We had a wonderful time with Mark's family.
What did you guys end up doing on Thanksgiving? Did you guys find amazing deals and scored amazing finds? 

Top |  Similar here and here
Pants | here and I also like this one here
Shoes | here and here

Carter's outfit is from Zara Kids




February 3, 2016

Hi guys! How's your week going so far? Mine is so-so.... lots of changes happening with little Carter and I am just trying to keep up!! A few of my mom friends have told me that once a baby starts becoming mobile, your life will completely change! 

Well that just started happening to me and that realization hit me hard yesterday. (Eeeks!) Carter is half crawling his little body all over the house and I mean all over and super fast too!! And nope we have not baby proofed the house yet. We were thinking that we would be ok to baby proof the house a little bit but we didn't really want to go all out baby proofing everything. We still want it to be somewhat free range. And to do that we would have to change a lot of things in our house. And there's always the easy option too to buy those big play pens. Hmmm..... decisions decisions.... For right now I think I am leaning more towards free range. 

Well to start, my house is really not baby friendly at all. We got this house about 6 years ago. It's 2 stories and close to 4200 sq. ft.  It took me about 2 years to decorate almost the whole house, finishing every room close to perfect. Decorating is a passion of mine so it was really fun for me to decorate each room slowly finding the perfect pieces, from the big furnitures to the smallest little accent detail.  It's also our 2nd home so we did put much more effort and invested more money in decorating it. Unlike our first home, ha! It was pretty much furnished by Ikea! 

So I am struggling to keep the living areas the way they are but still making it safe for a baby. After yesterday I knew something needs to be done. In a matter of seconds Carter is moving from one end to another. I realized I'm not going to be able to take my eyes off him at all until I make our house a little bit more safe and baby friendly. I'll need to get really creative design wise and money wise because  baby proofing a 4200 sq. ft. home is going to cost  some money.  Plus we still want it to be somewhat free range for him. 

Well, I came up with some ideas and if they work I will do an update post on here and maybe some photos of the house so I can share them with you. 
We learned tonight that apparently we cannot just get any gates to put around the house. We have high baseboards so I guess we will have to get special gates that cost more. So tomorrow I'll definitely be on a mission. 

Carter must have gotten it from his dad, once he gets into something he just wants to go all the way!!  Lol! All day crawling everywhere is all he wants to do. Forget all his toys, right now none of them matter!! It's all about crawling and mom holding him up to stand and walk! Haha! Such a busy little guy right now and definitely keeping me on my toes! 
So wish us luck guys!! And would love to hear any advise and thoughts from my mommy friends! 

Now about this look. I am still loving all styles of midi skirts! This one I am wearing is a little different form the ones I have worn before. This is a flowy lace material so it's pretty girly, but I like wearing it with an oversized turtle neck sweater and booties. I'd probably rock this too with my otk boots.  :) 

Sweater Forever21 / Similar HERE
Skirt Zara (sold out) / similar  HERE and HERE 
Booties Shoedazzle / Similar HERE and HERE
Clutch Aldo / Similar HERE and HERE
Sunnies EXPRESS / Splurge HERE

Have a great week guys!!