August 15, 2018

Hi guys! These are photos we took while I was still 9 months pregnant. 39 weeks to be exact. 
As you know I have always been a fan of slogan tees and when I saw this super cute Tee, I thought it was so perfect! 
Not only perfect for the obvious reason that I will become a mom again to another human but perfect because I wanted to share with you reasons why I'm celebrating being a "Mama to be" again this 2nd time around.
And before I continue I just wanted to tell you a little bit about this cute slogan Tee from Isabella Oliver It is maternity fit so it's bigger on the belly area, which is nice because it gives your bump room to grow.
And also  to mark Isabella Oliver's15th anniversary, they designed this Blake Maternity Tee in partnership with Maternal Health Charity Every Mother Counts. 50% of the net proceeds from the sales of this Blake Tee will be donated to the charity to aid their efforts in making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother everywhere.
So not only will you own a cute and super comfortable Tee, you're also contributing to a good cause. And that sounds like a double win to me!!


1. It was another chance for me to experience the miracle of life growing inside of me for the last time. I seriously didn't think we would get pregnant again but we really wanted another one. So when we found out, we were ecstatic! 

2. Celebrating and truly grateful for making it to 9 months of pregnancy with no complications 

3. Celebrating the blessing that Carter will have a sibling to grow up with and share everything with

4. Celebrating our growing family. I can't wait to make new memories and experiences with them. 

5. Celebrating Life and Health!!!!

6. Celebrating being a mom and how I get a chance everyday for a do over,  to make things better especially when we're having rough days. I have the next day to fix things with them and keep working on becoming a better mom.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. 
Cole decided to come 1 week early which was great because we were all ready to meet him. We are all home now, healing and enjoying our new little addition to the family. 

I linked everything I am wearing below.




July 31, 2018

Hi guys! It has been a while since my last post here so I apologize. Hope you guys are all doing good and having a grand Summer! 
This week I am 38 weeks pregnant, feeling huge  and yes,  the baby can come anytime from now to 40 weeks. I think baby Cole is ready as he is pushing so much and sometimes really hard.  I go back and forth if I am ready or not, Ha! I am ready to meet Cole and be not pregnant and uncomfortable anymore but also kind of dreading the labor part. Since now it's the second time around I sort of know what kind of pain to expect. But I know that every baby and delivery is different,  but either way there is still going to be  tremendous amount of pain involved. I also feel like baby Cole is bigger than Carter, but then again they say you get bigger the more babies your body carries. So I guess I am just going to hope for the best!  :)
And really the most important thing is for Cole to be all safe  and healthy and same for me so I can recover fast and care for him and Carter as soon as possible. 

So for now I really just want to enjoy the last remaining days as a mom with only 1 child and spend quality time  with  Carter every moment possible. He's seriously the sweetest boy and his age right now is  so fun! He talks non stop now but I love the conversations we have all day haha! It's literally like having a partner in crime with you all day. 
Although it has been a little challenging here now to do something outdoor with Carter since our Summer temps have been pretty high everyday. The heat has been  intense.  And now at 38 weeks I am actually starting to feel tired, always hot and  uncomfortable and definitely no more jeans or pants. Right now, it's all dresses or some days maternity shorts and a cool top. So I am really thankful for stores that make and sell cute maternity clothes. The details in sizing , style and design really do make a difference. 

On this post, I am wearing a dress from Isabella Oliver. They are actually one of my favorite maternity stores ever! I got some pieces from their brand too when I was pregnant with Carter and was able to use them post partum. They don't skip out on style, quality and details so every clothing is pretty much perfect.  Their AW18 collection is out and I really love a lot of their pieces. They are are all SO cute!! From casual to dressy they've got it covered. So if you are expecting or if you know someone expecting don't forget to check them out, you will love their selections!!

Well we are almost ready for Cole's arrival. Nursery is done and just need to finish prepping baby gears but baby car seats are installed and hospital bags are packed. And just need to wash some baby toys and baby bottles.
 I can't believe he is coming soon!! And that our lives are about to change!! 





May 24, 2018

Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well! As for me, I am doing great. Tired but great. I am literally creating this post in the airplane on our way back from our mini vaca from Europe. We spent  a few days in London and Paris.  The vacation was amazing and a very much needed one.
Now, I can't wait to see Carter, cuddle him, play with him, tickle him and give him tons of kisses!!

On my last post I had mentioned that I was sort of not having the smoothest pregnancy and kept getting dizzy spells. 
And I have mentioned that most of the clothes I have been wearing has to be really comfortable and easy because being uncomfortable and having to fuss is the last thing I need. It was a challenge to find something comfortable but still cute and something that fit just right. And I had a few staples that I love and would wear everyday if I could and I am excited wanted to share one of them them with you!

One of them is this black dress from Shop Pink Blush!  They have the cutest maternity dresses and  so many different styles available.
This black dress I really love because I can easily wear it casually with slides and sneakers (which I usually do) and I can also easily dress it up with heels or a blazer. It is so so soft and flattering too on the front, back and sides! Yep! With this ever growing belly and mind you I think it's pretty big this time around, it is hard to find clothes that look good with the bump.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I still need to upload Lego Land pictures and will also do a post about our trip soon!

BAG ZARA (sold out)



April 19, 2018

Hi guys! Sorry I have been a little MIA. This 2nd pregnancy seems to be kicking my butt lately. I have been getting these dizzy spells and it started just this month. I am already at the end of my 2nd trimester which is kind of crazy, because it doesn't feel like it. This time around, it seems to be going really fast. I feel like I am just entering the 2nd trimester but actually about to enter my third! Haha I feel so unprepared but hey I am totally not complaining!! 
So anyway, these dizzy spells do keep me down for days. Requires a lot of rest on my end and making sure I am hydrated and also stretching and walking (a lot) seems to really help. It's hard to get to my work out routine when I'm lightheaded almost always. But hopefully it stops when the 3rd trimester kicks in! 

So with feeling not so great 100% of the time lately, my friend these days are definitely comfy clothes!! The last thing I want is anything that will add to my discomfort. So lately I have been having a few staples that I literally go-to almost everyday if I can only wear them every single day haha! One of them is this maternity top from Pink Blush Maternity It's so soft and really comfortable. On my first pregnancy they were actually one of my staple maternity stores too. It's hard to find cute maternity clothes and to find something really soft and fits well definitely gets a 2 thumbs up from me. They also have women selection and not just maternity. And the nice thing is they have a big selection so there is something for every style. A quick couple little style tips: I usually always try to find a style I can still wear after pregnancy so I get my money's worth and if I do invest on actual "maternity clothes" I always like to invest on the basic styles so you can wear them and style them in different ways. 

Anyway, I have been pondering a little as to where to take my blog and I think that I want to share a little bit more about motherhood, family life and toddler resources with playing and learning. I am finding myself really all over at home learning resources (I guess I am kind of a nerd like that! Haha!) I just think it's just so priceless to see quick outcome when you teach toddlers and see them get it, understand it and learn new things all the time. How it opens up a new world for them and when you see it happening right in front of you, it's seriously so awesome! It's like instant gratification!! Haha! 
And I think that spending good quality time with them contributes a lot to them having good attitude, they listen more and less power struggles and they feel more connected to you and vise versa. But don't get me wrong, there are still power struggles for sure!! With Carter and his age now, I might say it's a little crazy ... he is definitely all about his opinions and wanting his way lol. But when we do activities together and spend really good quality time a few minutes or hours a day I definitely see the difference. 
So I guess I will try to share more of these things. Hopefully more regularly but we will see because Carter  does takes most of my time :D lol!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week! 



March 14, 2018
Thank you to Naturalizer for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Before I was a mom, I wore high heels everyday. I worked in an office environment that required strict business attire so of course for me dressed up - meant heels. Even outside work hours I still always wore heels.  I used to think flats and sneakers were just totally not me and that they really were not cute at all. 

The only time I switched over to wearing flats or sneakers was when I had Carter. Only because on some days I just didn't have a choice. Before he was mobile I still wore a lot of heels but once he started being mobile, and the crawling and walking began there was almost no way for me to wear heels anymore. I was chasing him and holding him up all the time guiding and teaching how to stand and walk on his own. 

Then the running and park days arrived and so then those days were pretty much sneakers day everyday! So since then I have been on the hunt for really cute sneakers!  I mostly needed sneakers that were still cute and stylish that I can still wear  when I am kind of dressed up, made of faux leather so the sand in our parks don't go inside them and I needed something that was still priced right and won't break the bank because you know, with sandy park it can get pretty beat up fast. 
So when I see sneakers that meet the criteria, it really makes me happy. 

So I am really glad I found these sneakers from Naturalizer Naturalizer  is such a famous brand, they are know for comfort and have been around forever! It's definitely a trusted brand that delivers the comfort they promise but I have never really owned any pair of shoes from them. So when they reached out to me to try out a pair from their Spring collection, of course I was completely on board. The styles they offer in their Spring collection are really really cute. I had a hard time picking the styles were so on point for the Spring trend! 
So anyways, I end up picking these super fab sneakers! I seriously love them! First of all - hello!! Marble Print Soles- yes please!! That really made the design super cool and unique. And they met most of the criteria I am looking for when it comes to sneakers. And man! They are so so light and super comfortable, it's like walking on air! 
These are perfect for any day, casual or a little dressed up and these would also be so cool to wear if you go on trips where you'll be walking around a lot or really perfect for airport traveling. I also can't wait to wear these for when we do theme parks with the family. 

I definitely love these sneakers.  It's so great how it's still super stylish but so comfortable, it's seriously the most comfortable shoes I ever have worn!! 
So if you guys are planning a trip sometime soon especially that it's almost Spring time or just travel a lot or just on the hunt  for really comfortable shoes that are still stylish, add Naturalizer to your go-to brands because I promise, you won't get disappointed. And with their Spring collection I think you might end with more than just a pair, they are all super cute!!