Modern Vice

February 13, 2018

Hi guys! Well it's Valentine's week! Are you guys all set to celebrate with your friends or special someone? As for me, we have all been sick (life with a toddler!)  that we never really got to plan anything or even think about it. We are all just now starting to feel better so I think ours will be very low key. I think me and Mark will just be very happy to get the Middleton household to be completely clear of sickies. It's so hard when little kids get sick and getting sick while prego is no fun at all. 

I was having some technical difficulties so I had to upload these photos from my phone. Sadly it didn't come out as clear as it would have if i uploaded them straight into my laptop. 
I am sure most of you have heard of Modern Vice brand for shoes. I really love the name because I think it fits so perfectly, you know love and addiction for shoes = modern vice! I love love love these silver  Bolt boots I'm wearing from them. It seriously fits so nicely and it is pretty comfortable. All their shoes are handmade, yup! Handmade, they make them when you order them so it does take a little while before you get them but it's definitely worth the wait! The quality of these boots are so good I definitely wouldn't mind owning a few more pairs from them! The designs are so unique and so fun too! 

Anyway, I'm actually getting excited to decorate and set up baby no.2's room! I was so excited with Carter's too, put a lot of thought and effort and then we moved back to socal. So bye-bye Carter's old perfectly decorated room. And then when we moved here I kind of got really lazy to design and decorate his room. 
So looks like things are looking up and this is good thing, haha! I am sure when I start I will be posting them on here or ig. Right now I am thinking a really light taupe and white and natural wood. Carter's is gray, white and black. 

Hope you all have a fun time celebrating the hearts day with your loved ones!!!

Jeans Zara, similar here and here



January 18, 2018

Hi guys! Sorry I have been MIA. Life has been kind of crazy these past few weeks! But I am back right now just to post a couple of my current favorite trends!! 
I am kind of in love with this midi plaid skirt!! For some reason these days i have just not been a fan of skirts, but this one I totally love! It's completely sold out so I link a couple that are super cute and similar too. 
I'm also wearin one of my fave booties for the season. These white ones I think are close to perfect. I really love the shape and it's SO unbelievably comfortable!! 

Haha! And because I can't help it, I included these shots where Carter decided to run to me while taking the photos! Definitely in love with this little dude and how much he makes me smile! :) 

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week and are following through your New Year's resolutions!!  :) I am still working on mine,  figuring out a good schedule to find the right balance and simplify, simplify, simplify all aspects of my life! ( I mean, is this even really possible?? lol!)



December 22, 2017


I love my little family 
and I think I love how these photos turned out.
My next home project (can you guess?) ... Yes! It will be a photo wall, I'm so excited! 
I also listed everything we are wearing down below. 

Hope you and your family have the most wonderful and magical Christmas! 
Happy Holidays from my family 
to yours! 

Dress  Here
Heels Similar here and here

Carter' Suit is sold out but I found the exact same one Here, and Similar one Here

Mark's Velvet Tie  Here



December 17, 2017

During this time of the year, there are so many parties, engagements and events which makes this season so much more fun, joyful and magical! Being able to celebrate it with friends and family make it so special.  But it also makes it really really busy for everyone!! Finding the right outfits to for each event, gift shopping, gift wrapping, travel, Preparing the house for guests, Food prep for parties and so much more!! And I love having my Marc Bale watch this season, helping me stay on time and stay on schedule!  If you are like me.... I am always late!! (it's a real struggle haha!) And to make things even easier for me when getting ready and accessorizing, I also got this perfect Gold Cuff to go along my chic watch. I call it "the perfect gold cuff" because it's simple and stylish and it really easily goes along with anything I wear. So that cuts my getting ready time not having to think about what accessory to wear. I just grab my watch and the cuff and know that it goes well with anything and out the door I go. 

What about you guys? What life hacks do you guys have for the Holiday season  to save time and stay on time? I am sure you guys have a lot!! Please do share!! I would love to know!

By the way, this Gold Cuff and Marc Bale watch are actually on sale at The Peach Box plus you can also get an additional 20%OFF with code XMAS-20. They also make really great gifts as their quality is really nice. 

9 more days to Christmas guys!! 




December 11, 2017

Hi guys! Happy brand new week! 
First things first, I really just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you guys who have always been there with me on this journey from the very beginning and who are still here now even after I took a little break to be with Carter. I really really appreciate you guys!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  It's not so much about the number of likes each post gets but more about the community we have built, the experiences we share with each other and the things we all learn from each other. We continue to be better and to inspire one another and I think it's really amazing. 

Anyhoo, let's talk about one thing most of all of us love..... shopping!! How are you guys doing on your Christmas shopping? We are actually almost done with ours. For the first time ever, we actually started shopping early this year. It's kind of nice not having to rush and beating the crowd is always a good thing!

I am kind of obsessed with a few of the things I am wearing on this post. First is this Marc Bale watch with black leather straps. I just think this style is so chic and timeless,  you can wear this for years and will always look good.  I also love this Gold Cuff. It's very simple and stylish, it really complements the watch well. It will be really nice too to stack with other bracelets or cuffs. 
They are both from The Peach Box, a store I have liked for years now. I really love their style aesthetic and love all their pieces! They also make the perfect gifts, so if you are interested they actually have a sale right now plus you can get an additional 20% off with code XMAS-20.

I am also loving midi dresses right now worn with thigh high boots or any pointy boots really. Midi skirts would go really good too! I've linked a few cute midi dresses and most of them are on sale at 50% off. 

 Dress Similar here and here 
Boots here
Belt here
Sunnies here
Watch here
Gold Cuff here