January 21, 2019

Hi guys! Hope you are having a great Martin Luther King weekend. It's always nice to have long weekends and having the hubby home. This weekend is low key for us. Just trying to rest and finish a bunch of home projects. We are halfway done our list and I am sure it will feel so good when we finish everything today. 

Time just seems to be flying by for us especially now having 2 littles! Is it the same for you? 
Cole is now 5 months old and weighing almost 22lbs!! I can't even believe that he is 5 months old!!! 
Yep, we are now doing solid foods and switching over to big kid stroller seats and bigger baby car seats! Because he does not fit his infant car seat anymore. 
I am pretty excited about it though because if you are a mama you would know how heavy those infant car seats are and I am so happy I don't have to deal with them anymore. 
But just so crazy because with Carter when we hit all these milestones, they all were such a big deal and the switching of car seats did not happen until later for him. But Cole is a bigger baby to begin with. 

Haha I remember with Carter everything was so carefully planned and researched. But not with Cole. Everything is done as fast as possible, research wise for all the products we use for him. But also because we learned so much with the first child. This time around we pretty much know what we look for on most of his basic necessities like clothes, blankets, accessories, gears, travel gears, bath gears, bath products, etc. 

On this post I would like to share with you one of our favorite clothing brand, Olen Organic. That is the outfit Cole is wearing on these photos. I found out about them last year and really really love their clothes. I promise you, it's one of the softest clothing we've come across. When I put it on Cole I know that he is comfortable. Their products are made of organic cotton which makes them softer and made to last for a long long time. They stretch nicely and the designs are so cute!! Aaaand products are made from Los Angeles which is a really big plus!

They are a having a huge sale on their KUPLA Leggings today only for $10!! That is a really great deal guys!! I linked them here and below, I also linked the top and bottom that Cole is wearing. y links are actually directly to their store, but you can find this brand at different children's clothing boutiques too!

Cole has been such a nice baby. He is so chill and always smiles, laughs and just wanting to play. Haha he loves his food and needs to be asleep by his bedtime which is 7pm. He has learned to fight his sleep in the mornings but since he is always happy and smiling then I really don't mind the company! :) 
I will also try to do a post later that shows all of our current favorite baby and  toddler products. There are soooo many brands and products out there and half the time it's hard to choose which one is a really good one and worth every buck you spend on it.  So hopefully that post will be able to help!

But anyways, I hope you have a great rest of your day!! As for me, I will be going back to painting some of the shelves I am repurposing for our entry way. If it ends up looking good I'll post them on my instagram.  ;) Linking all the products below! 


TIPI (sold out) but here are similar ones that are super cute but won't break the bank! here, here, here, here
RUG Ikea


December 12, 2018


Hi guys! How are you? Hope you guys are having a wonderful time this Holiday season. Are you guys done shopping for gifts and decorating? Well I am happy to say that I think I am. It seems really hard for me to spend quality time with the kids and celebrate and do Christmas-sy things when I have all these things in my head that I need to get done. So I try to finish them all  right away so I can just enjoy, be present and create memories with them the remainder of the Holiday season.
Next year I think I will try to start earlier especially if I want to do an advent calendar with crafts as fillers. I figure we are going to be doing Christmas crafts anyway so I might as well wrap them and and add extra extra extra excitement to our activities! Haha! 

Holiday events are rolling in as well and I am sure it's the same for you. So making sure you have the right outfit for each event is a whole new other story!! 
Anyway, here is one casual but chic outfit that hopefully will inspire you. Did a belted blazer which is pretty chic and wore it with a casual denim shorts. Also if you are 50/50 on the bike shorts trend, these denim moto shorts can be a good option for you since the fabric is denim and not spandex-y type. And these Naturalizer heels for a pop of color! Perfect for brunch or a day event you might have. If your weather is cooler than ours here in Southern Cali, you can always put on a thick coat over this outfit.

These heels are so comfortable though, it's so perfect for an all day or night event. It comes in different color options too! Check out Naturalizer's website or store if you are still in search for shoes for this Holiday season, for something stylish and comfortable! You won't be sorry!! ;) 



November 28, 2018

Hi guys!  I know it has been a little while since I have been on here. Have been busy with the new addition to the family  and then now the Holidays. How are you guys and I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to do a quick life update and a post on 1 of the basics we all need for this season. 

On life update: It has been pretty hectic transitioning from 1 child to two but also a lot of fun! Children definitely are hard work but I am grateful to have 2 and they seem both to be overall pretty good. (Don't get me wrong, they do have their moments of crazy too! Haha!) Cole is almost 4 months, I can't even believe it! Seems to really be flying by this time around. He is such a sweet boy and almost always has  the biggest smile and just wanting to play.
Carter seems to have finally adjusted to having a baby brother. He now always wants to help mom and baby and play with the baby. He also loves his new school so that makes all of us at home  happy.

Anyway, did you guys score a ton of good stuff from all the Holiday sales going on right now? I think I did pretty good this time, mine is mostly on home deals. Just trying to finish some spaces in the house I have left unfinished for way too long.

(Taking a quick break while taking photos, because Carter had to tell me a story. Haha! Had no idea this was captured and he looked so adorable so I thought I'd include it :))

Now, about important basic pieces to have in your wardrobe this season or  actually every Fall, the one that goes on top of the list is a pair of basic, comfortable, black boots or in my case ... black booties since the weather is usually nice and warm here in Southern California.
Aside from my success on finding home furnishing deals, I also scored  a few great fashion pieces to update my wardrobe. One of them is this mustard top with  puff sleeves, I'm really loving this color for Fall. And another great score is this nice pair of basic black booties from Naturalizer. It's light and soft and pretty much goes with everything. It also comes in many different color options.

Anyways, I wore this outfit 2 different ways here. One of them is a more casual look. Hope you like them! 

TOP: H&M similar HERE, HERE & HERE



August 15, 2018

Hi guys! These are photos we took while I was still 9 months pregnant. 39 weeks to be exact. 
As you know I have always been a fan of slogan tees and when I saw this super cute Tee, I thought it was so perfect! 
Not only perfect for the obvious reason that I will become a mom again to another human but perfect because I wanted to share with you reasons why I'm celebrating being a "Mama to be" again this 2nd time around.
And before I continue I just wanted to tell you a little bit about this cute slogan Tee from Isabella Oliver It is maternity fit so it's bigger on the belly area, which is nice because it gives your bump room to grow.
And also  to mark Isabella Oliver's15th anniversary, they designed this Blake Maternity Tee in partnership with Maternal Health Charity Every Mother Counts. 50% of the net proceeds from the sales of this Blake Tee will be donated to the charity to aid their efforts in making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother everywhere.
So not only will you own a cute and super comfortable Tee, you're also contributing to a good cause. And that sounds like a double win to me!!


1. It was another chance for me to experience the miracle of life growing inside of me for the last time. I seriously didn't think we would get pregnant again but we really wanted another one. So when we found out, we were ecstatic! 

2. Celebrating and truly grateful for making it to 9 months of pregnancy with no complications 

3. Celebrating the blessing that Carter will have a sibling to grow up with and share everything with

4. Celebrating our growing family. I can't wait to make new memories and experiences with them. 

5. Celebrating Life and Health!!!!

6. Celebrating being a mom and how I get a chance everyday for a do over,  to make things better especially when we're having rough days. I have the next day to fix things with them and keep working on becoming a better mom.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. 
Cole decided to come 1 week early which was great because we were all ready to meet him. We are all home now, healing and enjoying our new little addition to the family. 

I linked everything I am wearing below.




July 31, 2018

Hi guys! It has been a while since my last post here so I apologize. Hope you guys are all doing good and having a grand Summer! 
This week I am 38 weeks pregnant, feeling huge  and yes,  the baby can come anytime from now to 40 weeks. I think baby Cole is ready as he is pushing so much and sometimes really hard.  I go back and forth if I am ready or not, Ha! I am ready to meet Cole and be not pregnant and uncomfortable anymore but also kind of dreading the labor part. Since now it's the second time around I sort of know what kind of pain to expect. But I know that every baby and delivery is different,  but either way there is still going to be  tremendous amount of pain involved. I also feel like baby Cole is bigger than Carter, but then again they say you get bigger the more babies your body carries. So I guess I am just going to hope for the best!  :)
And really the most important thing is for Cole to be all safe  and healthy and same for me so I can recover fast and care for him and Carter as soon as possible. 

So for now I really just want to enjoy the last remaining days as a mom with only 1 child and spend quality time  with  Carter every moment possible. He's seriously the sweetest boy and his age right now is  so fun! He talks non stop now but I love the conversations we have all day haha! It's literally like having a partner in crime with you all day. 
Although it has been a little challenging here now to do something outdoor with Carter since our Summer temps have been pretty high everyday. The heat has been  intense.  And now at 38 weeks I am actually starting to feel tired, always hot and  uncomfortable and definitely no more jeans or pants. Right now, it's all dresses or some days maternity shorts and a cool top. So I am really thankful for stores that make and sell cute maternity clothes. The details in sizing , style and design really do make a difference. 

On this post, I am wearing a dress from Isabella Oliver. They are actually one of my favorite maternity stores ever! I got some pieces from their brand too when I was pregnant with Carter and was able to use them post partum. They don't skip out on style, quality and details so every clothing is pretty much perfect.  Their AW18 collection is out and I really love a lot of their pieces. They are are all SO cute!! From casual to dressy they've got it covered. So if you are expecting or if you know someone expecting don't forget to check them out, you will love their selections!!

Well we are almost ready for Cole's arrival. Nursery is done and just need to finish prepping baby gears but baby car seats are installed and hospital bags are packed. And just need to wash some baby toys and baby bottles.
 I can't believe he is coming soon!! And that our lives are about to change!!