April 30, 2015

In love with these thin metal chokers.

Well it's almost the end of the week again, I'm not sure if it's just me or do you guys feel it just flying by too? Right now I have less than a week and a half before my due date and I have not really felt any contractions what so ever. I wonder if baby C will arrive on time. Although I am definitely feeling more tired and uncomfortable in these last few weeks left. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share this casual look with you. I love light jackets like this one from Fevrie Fashion because you can easily dress it up or down and it is perfect for layering. So you can totally wear it at least for 2 seasons. I decided to just wear it with this gray t-shirt and my destroyed denim shorts and some heels. For maternity clothes, I think it's always good to invest in some good maternity jeans and since it is now Spring and with Summer on its way, I think it's a great idea to invest on a destroyed/ ripped denim shorts, because they are the most basic.  I can't even tell you how many time I have worn this pair. Also wearing my current favorite red mini bucket bag for some fun pop of color. 

Do you guys have any fun plans for this weekend? I'd love to hear about it!! :)

Outfit Details:

Jacket c/o Fevrie Fashion 
T-Shirt Asos/ Similar here and here
Shorts Pea in the Pod Maternity/ Similar here , here and here
Heels Zara/ Similar here and here
Bag Rebecca Minkoff  - on SALE!



April 27, 2015

Dress H&M, Sandals Charlotte Russe/ Similar here and here, Purse Gucci/ Similar here ,

Often times we get so wrapped up with keeping up with all the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to make time to do the things we really, really love. Things that keep us inspired and our souls fat and happy. 

Coming from a regular 8-5 job (with way longer  hours in reality) with a set daily schedule and routine  everyday,  to starting your own business and working from home, your whole world, priorities, routine and schedule completely changes. And I am still trying to find that balance. I found that in the past years, with having that regular go to work routine it was so much easier to find time to do fun things. There was always a separation between work and home hours. You work at your work place and you leave work there when you are home. When you are at home you do personal and family stuff at night and you get your weekends. With owning your own business you lose that separation and it just doesn't turn off especially when your business is all online and social media based... or I guess it really takes a LOT of effort to be able to turn it off and take time for yourself and to keep up with personal stuff. But we all know how important it is to take that time off for ourselves, for our well being and of course in nourishing our relationships with our loved ones.  You can't be inspired when you are burnt out. 

So I actually wanted to share some small tips I've learned that has worked for me along the way and I should remember to do more often. Hope some of them work for you too! 

1. STEP AWAY. If you work from home, try to regularly step away from all the work and chores laid out in front of you to do. If you are like me, I find it hard to relax mid day at home when I see all the work and chores I have to do, I just constantly think about them  so  I find it best when I step away and go somewhere close to get a little break. I like to go to a nice, cozy little coffee shop and bring a book or a magazine and enjoy my favorite drink. I actually LOVE rustic, cozy little coffee shops!  I also like going to Barnes and Noble  to browse new books and find interesting reads. Or go to the nearest park and get some fresh air and some sun and bring a book or anything personal you love to do like little hobbies you have. Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour or more if you have that time. 

2. INCLUDE FUN THINGS WHEN YOU DO YOUR WEEKLY SCHEDULE. When setting up your weekly schedule, make sure to include fun things to do and your "alone" time in.  Also make it a point to schedule in meeting up with a friend or friends to catch up and socialize. Make sure to do it and stick with your schedule. If you are like me, if I don't have it scheduled in my calendar, it will never happen. I'll probably just continue working all through the day.... and night. :P

3. GET AN EARLY START. I never thought I'd ever say this but it's really good to get an early start. I was never a morning person but now that I work from home I try to wake up and get up when Mark does which is pretty darn early. He also even changed his schedule now to even an earlier time so then he can be home earlier and be able to spend more time with Baby C when he comes. Having an early start in my day I am able to actually sit and enjoy my breakfast and read or it just gives me that extra time to do things that I normally would not have time to do during the day. And to start your day not rushed makes such a huge difference. 

4. DAILY GRATITUDE. Every morning think about something that you are thankful for and grateful for in your life. From the biggest to the smallest little thing. This helps you start your day positively. And if you do this everyday, you just become more positive and see more the good things you have in life rather than focusing on the negative. 

5. ALWAYS TRY NEW THINGS. From as little as trying a new appetizer from a local restaurant all the way to traveling and seeing the world, always be open to try new things. There are so much out there to learn and  to experience and you won't know they even exist if you don't try or be open to them. This is definitely one of the best ways to stay inspired, it always makes me look forward to even the littlest things that we do. 

Well hope you guys liked this post. Sorry, it's a long one compared to my usual but something this weekend might have triggered me to write about it :) Please let me know if you guys have more effective tips!! I would love to know! 
Hope you guys all have a wonderful week!! 


Ro :) 


April 20, 2015

Happy new week guys! What did you guys get up to last weekend? Well I think I am in full blown nesting or just in Spring cleaning mode. We cleaned up our garage and our huge storage room last weekend and got rid of a lot of stuff and it sure does feel good. It's amazing how much we accumulate over the years. Still have rooms to clean and finish up in the house and then I think I will feel much better :) 

Today I got to see baby C at my doctor's visit. His head is down and is in the right position for labor. Hopefully he stays that way and not turn or move right before labor. 3 weeks left if he decides to come on time which is pretty crazy. It's always so awesome and shocking to see the baby at an ultra sound appointment... it's like an onion being peeled layers and layers of reality just sets in-- first, that our lives are about to change SOON. Second, that there REALLY is a human being in there and that we are about to meet our little bundle of joy very soon. It just makes it so real and it's pretty amazing. 

Anyway,  I am super obsessed with this red mini bucket bag!! I thought a few weeks ago that it would be awesome to find a red mini bucket bag and I was ecstatic when I found this Rebecca Minkoff one. The design and all the little details are just so perfect and it really is such a great pop of color to any outfit! Also in love with these python sandals and they are actually on a great sale right now ladies!! Perfect time to snag them and add to your Spring rotation! Super comfy too! What is you guys' current obsession? 

Outfit Details: 

Dress H&M / Similar here , here and here
Bucket bag Rebecca Minkoff 
Sunnies Rayban




April 19, 2015

Hi guys! Happy Sunday!! 
Hope you guys are enjoying a nice weekend! This morning I thought that I would do a round up of all these sandals I am currently coveting right now. There are so many styles and colors to choose from that it is hard to remember and keep track where to get which styles from and which ones to invest on first! So I wanted to share with you the ones that are currently on the top of my list. I have included links below so you can check them out too and see which ones you'd like to rock this Spring and invest on too! Are you more of a heels gal or more of a  flats kinda gal? I would love to know!! :) 


2. Schutz
3. Schutz
6. Schutz
11. Joe's 

Hope you enjoyed this post!! 



April 13, 2015

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. I have been working on getting the baby stuff done. For being a type A personality I sure am a crammer at the same time. Not sure if you  guys have heard of that combo.  I like planning everything, I like my space clean and organized but half the time I also find myself really getting things done at the last minute. I think I work really, really good under pressure! - No joke! Haha! So I have about 4 weeks left before baby C arrives (that is if he decides to come on time). So last week I started cleaning and working on his room. I know I posted on Instagram how we painted his room the gray and white stripes months back, but I have not really done much since then. So last weekend I decided to stencil another accent wall in his room. Thank goodness the pattern I picked was super small. Stenciling is definitely not for me! Yuck! I am actually one of those weird people who like to paint walls and find that task somewhat relaxing but stenciling is totally different. But I managed and got my work cleaned up and so I think it looks good now and definitely leaving that wall that way. So yup, with my bold interior design taste, I have 2 accent walls in his room. Does that sound a little scary? Haha, I promise it's not. Clue: I am using monochrome colors ;) I can't wait to show you guys when it's done. I washed most of his stuff too..... but still have shelves, wall decorating, rug and a lot of other little stuff to do to finish... hospital bags should also be packed this week!  

Anyway, on this post I am wearing a few favorites!! So I found this super comfy stripe dress from Asos maternity. You can just never go wrong with stripes and I love how I can dress this up like how I wore it here or just wear flats with it and go casual. I am also wearing this gorgeous statement piece from Cherry Pick, I mean the details are just so beautiful!! They are a new jewelry boutique online and have THE cutest pieces!!  You guys, I'm serious, check them out!!  :) And their prices will not break the bank! I wore it with neutral heels and purse to just let the dress and the necklace stand out (as they should be :) ) 


Dress Asos 
Heels Schutz via Piperlime
Necklace c/o Cherry Pick
Clutch c/o Urban Philosophy 

Hope you guys have a great week!! :)



April 3, 2015

We shot these photos when we were out all day just bopping' around on a really nice day and decided to do a shoot at the Farmer's market. I love going to farmer's markets, crafts market, really any market because you always  see things you don't find at regular stores and trying new foods and treats made locally is always so fun. You also see a lot of handmade, unique items from local businesses and is a great time to show some support. 

We got some great fresh produce and I ended up snagging this super cute, lavender, Turkish blanket  and headed out for brunch! :)

I decided to wear this super cute and comfy maxi dress from Trixxi Clothing. This particular design is exclusively sold at Nordstrom. The sun was out and we were going to be out and about all day so this dress was just perfect!! It's a regular fit dress but because the waist is elastic, it fit my prego belly with no problem. And since it was such a bad hair day, the only that saved me was a fishtail braid! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope the weather is warming up where you are! 

Outfit Details: 

Dress c/o Trixxi Clothing , this design is sold exclusively at Nordstrom
Long Gold Necklace c/o Rocksbox (Get your first month free by entering code "Roxoxo" at check out! :))
Sandals Charlotte Russe / Similar here and here - ALL ON SALE!
Hat H&M / similar here and here
Sunglasses Rayban

Have a great weekend!!