April 13, 2015

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. I have been working on getting the baby stuff done. For being a type A personality I sure am a crammer at the same time. Not sure if you  guys have heard of that combo.  I like planning everything, I like my space clean and organized but half the time I also find myself really getting things done at the last minute. I think I work really, really good under pressure! - No joke! Haha! So I have about 4 weeks left before baby C arrives (that is if he decides to come on time). So last week I started cleaning and working on his room. I know I posted on Instagram how we painted his room the gray and white stripes months back, but I have not really done much since then. So last weekend I decided to stencil another accent wall in his room. Thank goodness the pattern I picked was super small. Stenciling is definitely not for me! Yuck! I am actually one of those weird people who like to paint walls and find that task somewhat relaxing but stenciling is totally different. But I managed and got my work cleaned up and so I think it looks good now and definitely leaving that wall that way. So yup, with my bold interior design taste, I have 2 accent walls in his room. Does that sound a little scary? Haha, I promise it's not. Clue: I am using monochrome colors ;) I can't wait to show you guys when it's done. I washed most of his stuff too..... but still have shelves, wall decorating, rug and a lot of other little stuff to do to finish... hospital bags should also be packed this week!  

Anyway, on this post I am wearing a few favorites!! So I found this super comfy stripe dress from Asos maternity. You can just never go wrong with stripes and I love how I can dress this up like how I wore it here or just wear flats with it and go casual. I am also wearing this gorgeous statement piece from Cherry Pick, I mean the details are just so beautiful!! They are a new jewelry boutique online and have THE cutest pieces!!  You guys, I'm serious, check them out!!  :) And their prices will not break the bank! I wore it with neutral heels and purse to just let the dress and the necklace stand out (as they should be :) ) 


Dress Asos 
Heels Schutz via Piperlime
Necklace c/o Cherry Pick
Clutch c/o Urban Philosophy 

Hope you guys have a great week!! :)



  1. oh my word! I cant believe how absolutely fabulous you look Ro! I am totally speechless! Your dress is so gorgeous,i love it! This has been a very quick pregnancy,well for me following your wonderful journey it is lol! Honestly you look so amazing xx Your special day is so near now! So exciting honey xx

    1. Thank you so so much for the kind words!! You are the sweetest ever!! I hope you are having a fab week!

  2. Wow! Never came across a cuter prego girl. This dress was made just for you! Looks fabulous. I work well under pressure too hehe. Lovely necklace.

    1. Thanks so much gorgeous lady! Thanks to the stores and designers that make and sell cute prego clothes ;) Cheers to us and working under pressure! :)