March 14, 2018
Thank you to Naturalizer for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Before I was a mom, I wore high heels everyday. I worked in an office environment that required strict business attire so of course for me dressed up - meant heels. Even outside work hours I still always wore heels.  I used to think flats and sneakers were just totally not me and that they really were not cute at all. 

The only time I switched over to wearing flats or sneakers was when I had Carter. Only because on some days I just didn't have a choice. Before he was mobile I still wore a lot of heels but once he started being mobile, and the crawling and walking began there was almost no way for me to wear heels anymore. I was chasing him and holding him up all the time guiding and teaching how to stand and walk on his own. 

Then the running and park days arrived and so then those days were pretty much sneakers day everyday! So since then I have been on the hunt for really cute sneakers!  I mostly needed sneakers that were still cute and stylish that I can still wear  when I am kind of dressed up, made of faux leather so the sand in our parks don't go inside them and I needed something that was still priced right and won't break the bank because you know, with sandy park it can get pretty beat up fast. 
So when I see sneakers that meet the criteria, it really makes me happy. 

So I am really glad I found these sneakers from Naturalizer Naturalizer  is such a famous brand, they are know for comfort and have been around forever! It's definitely a trusted brand that delivers the comfort they promise but I have never really owned any pair of shoes from them. So when they reached out to me to try out a pair from their Spring collection, of course I was completely on board. The styles they offer in their Spring collection are really really cute. I had a hard time picking the styles were so on point for the Spring trend! 
So anyways, I end up picking these super fab sneakers! I seriously love them! First of all - hello!! Marble Print Soles- yes please!! That really made the design super cool and unique. And they met most of the criteria I am looking for when it comes to sneakers. And man! They are so so light and super comfortable, it's like walking on air! 
These are perfect for any day, casual or a little dressed up and these would also be so cool to wear if you go on trips where you'll be walking around a lot or really perfect for airport traveling. I also can't wait to wear these for when we do theme parks with the family. 

I definitely love these sneakers.  It's so great how it's still super stylish but so comfortable, it's seriously the most comfortable shoes I ever have worn!! 
So if you guys are planning a trip sometime soon especially that it's almost Spring time or just travel a lot or just on the hunt  for really comfortable shoes that are still stylish, add Naturalizer to your go-to brands because I promise, you won't get disappointed. And with their Spring collection I think you might end with more than just a pair, they are all super cute!! 




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