April 19, 2018

Hi guys! Sorry I have been a little MIA. This 2nd pregnancy seems to be kicking my butt lately. I have been getting these dizzy spells and it started just this month. I am already at the end of my 2nd trimester which is kind of crazy, because it doesn't feel like it. This time around, it seems to be going really fast. I feel like I am just entering the 2nd trimester but actually about to enter my third! Haha I feel so unprepared but hey I am totally not complaining!! 
So anyway, these dizzy spells do keep me down for days. Requires a lot of rest on my end and making sure I am hydrated and also stretching and walking (a lot) seems to really help. It's hard to get to my work out routine when I'm lightheaded almost always. But hopefully it stops when the 3rd trimester kicks in! 

So with feeling not so great 100% of the time lately, my friend these days are definitely comfy clothes!! The last thing I want is anything that will add to my discomfort. So lately I have been having a few staples that I literally go-to almost everyday if I can only wear them every single day haha! One of them is this maternity top from Pink Blush Maternity It's so soft and really comfortable. On my first pregnancy they were actually one of my staple maternity stores too. It's hard to find cute maternity clothes and to find something really soft and fits well definitely gets a 2 thumbs up from me. They also have women selection and not just maternity. And the nice thing is they have a big selection so there is something for every style. A quick couple little style tips: I usually always try to find a style I can still wear after pregnancy so I get my money's worth and if I do invest on actual "maternity clothes" I always like to invest on the basic styles so you can wear them and style them in different ways. 

Anyway, I have been pondering a little as to where to take my blog and I think that I want to share a little bit more about motherhood, family life and toddler resources with playing and learning. I am finding myself really all over at home learning resources (I guess I am kind of a nerd like that! Haha!) I just think it's just so priceless to see quick outcome when you teach toddlers and see them get it, understand it and learn new things all the time. How it opens up a new world for them and when you see it happening right in front of you, it's seriously so awesome! It's like instant gratification!! Haha! 
And I think that spending good quality time with them contributes a lot to them having good attitude, they listen more and less power struggles and they feel more connected to you and vise versa. But don't get me wrong, there are still power struggles for sure!! With Carter and his age now, I might say it's a little crazy ... he is definitely all about his opinions and wanting his way lol. But when we do activities together and spend really good quality time a few minutes or hours a day I definitely see the difference. 
So I guess I will try to share more of these things. Hopefully more regularly but we will see because Carter  does takes most of my time :D lol!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week! 



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