Modern Vice

February 13, 2018

Hi guys! Well it's Valentine's week! Are you guys all set to celebrate with your friends or special someone? As for me, we have all been sick (life with a toddler!)  that we never really got to plan anything or even think about it. We are all just now starting to feel better so I think ours will be very low key. I think me and Mark will just be very happy to get the Middleton household to be completely clear of sickies. It's so hard when little kids get sick and getting sick while prego is no fun at all. 

I was having some technical difficulties so I had to upload these photos from my phone. Sadly it didn't come out as clear as it would have if i uploaded them straight into my laptop. 
I am sure most of you have heard of Modern Vice brand for shoes. I really love the name because I think it fits so perfectly, you know love and addiction for shoes = modern vice! I love love love these silver  Bolt boots I'm wearing from them. It seriously fits so nicely and it is pretty comfortable. All their shoes are handmade, yup! Handmade, they make them when you order them so it does take a little while before you get them but it's definitely worth the wait! The quality of these boots are so good I definitely wouldn't mind owning a few more pairs from them! The designs are so unique and so fun too! 

Anyway, I'm actually getting excited to decorate and set up baby no.2's room! I was so excited with Carter's too, put a lot of thought and effort and then we moved back to socal. So bye-bye Carter's old perfectly decorated room. And then when we moved here I kind of got really lazy to design and decorate his room. 
So looks like things are looking up and this is good thing, haha! I am sure when I start I will be posting them on here or ig. Right now I am thinking a really light taupe and white and natural wood. Carter's is gray, white and black. 

Hope you all have a fun time celebrating the hearts day with your loved ones!!!

Jeans Zara, similar here and here



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