January 18, 2018

Hi guys! Sorry I have been MIA. Life has been kind of crazy these past few weeks! But I am back right now just to post a couple of my current favorite trends!! 
I am kind of in love with this midi plaid skirt!! For some reason these days i have just not been a fan of skirts, but this one I totally love! It's completely sold out so I link a couple that are super cute and similar too. 
I'm also wearin one of my fave booties for the season. These white ones I think are close to perfect. I really love the shape and it's SO unbelievably comfortable!! 

Haha! And because I can't help it, I included these shots where Carter decided to run to me while taking the photos! Definitely in love with this little dude and how much he makes me smile! :) 

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week and are following through your New Year's resolutions!!  :) I am still working on mine,  figuring out a good schedule to find the right balance and simplify, simplify, simplify all aspects of my life! ( I mean, is this even really possible?? lol!)



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