September 3, 2015

Outfit Details

Dress H&M / similar here 
Sneakers H&M / Similar here , here and here
Bag Gucci / Similar here and here
Sunglasses c/o Shop Ditto (Use code TWENTYEIGHTVIA to get 1st month free!)
Gold GoCharge Battery pack c/o Peri Audio

Hi guys! These last couple of weeks I feel like it has been extra extra busy for me. I am used to being on the go but these last  2 weeks have been crazy. Have been running around trying to get to appointments plus now with Carter I have to fit in his feedings and nap times  and make sure we have everything for me and everything he needs  in his diaper bag.  

So I thought I'd make a quick list of the major necessities I can never leave home without and why they are so important! 

1. My wallet - for obvious reasons :) everything I need is there plus my driver's license. 

2. My phone - It's pretty much my life next to my wallet. Everything I need for work and personal stuff are all there. When on the go you'd want to be able to have access to both whenever and where ever. I also now have baby music apps on there for Carter. Plus in case of emergency, it is always good to have a working phone with you. 

3. My Peri GoCharge battery pack for my phone. - We all know that our smart phone's batteries don't last all day especially when you are on it a lot like me. So having an on-the-go battery pack to charge my phone is crucial. Also with a battery pack you can just charge anywhere, anytime unlike a car charger or a wall charger. Plus this one from Peri I really love the design. It's thin and sleek and available in gold color! It also already has a built in lightning cable so you do not have to worry about bringing your cord or long messy cords thrown in your bag mixed with everything else. 

4. Sunglasses - For the obvious reason, to protect our eyes from the sun. Also when on the go a lot of times for me I don't really get to do my eye make up so those cool looking, gorgeous sunglasses are always a big savior. Plus they always complete the look. These cool sunnies I am wearing here are by The Row  from Shop Ditto.  Shop Ditto has such a great concept where you can pick from the latest style sunglasses and you can just swap it out for another great pair when ever you want without having to pay the full price on them. Plus you can use the code TWENTYEIGHTVIA right now and get your 1st month free. 

5. Water - Because we should always stay hydrated. I like to have my water right  when I am thirsty.

6. Carters diaper bag - If I want to get anywhere and get anything done I better have his diaper bag with me since it has pretty much all of the things he needs.

7. Coffee - Of course! One of the major things that keep me going. 

Please feel free to add more, would love to hear what your must haves are! :) 



  1. Carter is adorable!!!! You pretty much listed them all. I could forget my wallet but never my phone /phone charger, heavens no! Isn't it crazy how dependent we all are on that lil device. I love your outfit. It looks so relaxing.

    1. Hahaha! You are so right and have done that several times where I have my phone but not my wallet (oops!) It's terrible! :D And yes I completely agree! Thanks so much and Carter says thanks too! Haha!

  2. so pretty
    amazing dress <3