September 8, 2015

Shorts H&M similar here, here and here, This one here is super cute!!
Sunglasses Rayban

Cater's Jumpsuit Whistle & Flute

Hi guys! Did you have a nice long weekend? I hope you all did. Me and my little family had a really nice weekend. We went to some local festivals and then on Sunday went and explored Sausalito. It's really great living here in California. Not only because the weather is great but it's so big and there's so many towns and cities to explore. And that's perfect for us especially now that we have a little 3 month old baby. If we want to get away for a day or so, it's easy and there's always a new amazing place to discover and enjoy. 

But today I finally have my first outfit post up from our trip to Southern California. I apologize that the background is not at all pretty but hey, it's reality ;) It was literally at one of our quick pit stops to eat, feed the baby, change him and let him stretch out before driving again. We usually drive to Southern California and now with the baby we decided that it will be easier if we drove too.  Yes we are that couple that don't mind driving at all. With Carter usually asleep in the car we thought it would be a breeze as long as we stop and feed him and let him stretch out, it should be fine. Plus we wanted him to be as comfortable when we arrive at the destination since we will be staying there for about 7-8 days we want him to be as comfy and not have problems putting him to sleep. Which means we had a little bit of  luggage with us consisting of baby gears.  Not a lot but a lot if you are  flying. I'll do a separate blog post about that and list the important items we brought that made things go smoothly. He did so well on the whole trip and the drive to and back home. It was so much fun. 

Anyway, eeek! Let's talk about my new favorite thing to do these days! Wearing matchy outfits with baby Carter!! I just love matching outfits with him!! Haha! Never thought I'd be one of those moms, but I also love doing it because he is a boy. Usually the mom would match outfits with their daughters and the fathers would match outfits with their sons. So I love that we are matching and it's mom-son combo. So I like being able to find cute outfits and these little boutiques that cary unisex products for adults and you can match with your kid. It doesn't mean that if your baby is a boy then you can't match outfits with him at all. So these outfits form Whistle and Flute are really good quality and their are one of my top favorites!! I love their stuff! 

Well hope you guys have an amazing week! Cheers to short work weeks! 
More to come about our trip! 



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