September 6, 2014

 A quick little recap from my mini getaway on my birthday. We went to the city, which by the way I don't mind being there like every weekend. But we've been insanely busy that we haven't gotten a chance to get away much this last couple of years. But that's all changing and I am so looking forward to traveling again. 
I thought I'd include the hubby in my car selfie :)  (without him knowing)

 We just never run out of things to do there and there's always something new to try and discover! If you feel like doing touristy stuff, visit cool museums and gardens, shop till you drop - literally, and of course, you'll never run out of amazing restaurants to try. That weekend we decided to visit and play at the Ferry Building. And believe it or not, we have been to the embarcadero area a million times and we've never visited the Ferry Building! Below is our walk to towards the building.

And the main reason for our visit there was to try this one restaurant that is famous for their super fresh oysters!! We got to sit outside with the view of the bay and goodness the oysters were so fresh and delicious, it's nothing we've ever tasted. Will definitely have to go back!

 I think our sever pressed some weird phone camera setting on my phone while taking our picture but I thought I'd post it anyway so you get to see and meet my favorite person in the world, which is my husband! :) - Meet Mark!  (I'll have to post better photos of him in the future)

 Outside the building was a huuuge farmers market, and inside is full of delicious treats, specialty foods, cafes, restaurants and wine bars. Haha I was too busy trying different kinds of food and browsing so I didn't get to take much photos! :P
 Took a break at the wine bar for some Chardonay and a local brewed beer

 After that we headed over to check out this amazing 2nd hand designer store "Jeremy's" . And when I say "designer" I mean the real big deal designers! Below is only 1 of that cabinets that have their couture collection. I mean there's SOOO much in the whole store to browse. So if you love designer brands and don't mind second hand stuff, then this place will be absolute heaven for you!

Then we visited a couple other boutiques and of headed back to Union Square to shop more.But we only had like a couple hours left before the stores closed. Sooo I'm sure we'll be back again. 
So this is just a little glimpse of things you can do in San Francisco for a day that is not so touristy. There's just so many things to do and places to go to that suits any mood. 
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