September 8, 2014

Top H&M / Similar here and here
Plaid Top Forever21/ Similar here and here
Trousers Zara/ Similar here 
Heels Old / Similar here
Purse Rebecca Minkoff via Nordstrom/ Similar here
Sunglasses Michael Kors/ Similar here and here

So I think I am ready for fall are you guys ready for Fall weather to come? I am really excited this year for some reason. I just think this year's Fall colors are so fresh, just totally different from most of the previous years. I see a lot of camel, nude tones, mustard, rust,  shades of blues, teal and purple. Just great color combos to wear together and I am so excited to play with them.  And goodness, all the amazing styles of coats and jackets coming out, I literally want all of them...haha, this might be a problem!

Anyway, this last weekend I have finally started the purging process of my closet and my whole house! It's going to be a process I know but we got so much done last weekend and it feels SO good. It was hard to start but now that I have, it seems so much easier to get rid of stuff. I used to be so on top of cleaning  out stuff regularly and then life got so crazy! But we are getting back on track! 

Cheers to a new week!! :)



  1. I am soooooooo ready for autumn! I think I've exhausted my summer wardrobe - I'm definitely ready to start experimenting with new styles! Gotta say - LOVE THE TROUSERS! Such a great, stand-out colour!
    Annoa xx

  2. I totally agree! Thank you so much! Was so happy when I found these trousers! :)

  3. Such a chic look! I love that you have silver metallic pumps on but gold jewelry (or so it seems?) --super cute! I've also been busy around our house getting rid of random things and clothes and it's definitely making me a lot less stressed!

    Because I'm Obsessed

    1. Yes, I love mixing and matching! :) Right??! I have a lot more to do but we were able to tackle a huge chunk last weekend! Whew, feels so good!

  4. I really like your blog. You're doing a great job and you have a really good sense of style :)

    Denina xx

  5. Great look, I love your shoes :)


  6. beautiful love all <3 Carmen

  7. Love the mustard color pants. Such a lovely Fall color. Great look!