August 16, 2014

Top Mango / I like this
Shorts My closet / Similar here  and here
Shoes Zara /  I love this 
Sunglasses Chloe

Happy weekend everyone! Well you guessed it right, it is still very hot where I am so you are still going to see a lot of shorts and Summer outfits. This whole week we are at 90 plus degrees everyday. Is it still hot where you are or has it started cooling down?  I love summer time and the sun but I have started browsing Fall collections and I don't know if it's just me but it seems like every designer and every store has completely upped their game and the Fall collections I've seen are SO amazing that it makes me super excited for Fall. But on this outfit post, I really love the floral button up top. The colors, the print and structure is so perfect. Just wore it with denims and my  favorite white flats. I would also wear this top with jeans and wide leg culottes. 

Anyway, if you are following me on instagram you might have seen me post a closet inspiration photo for narrow closets. I need to re-do and re-organize my whole closet because however I organized it years ago, it's just not working for me anymore and it's surprising how completely stuck I am feeling...I usually have no problem organizing. I like all things having its own place. I need to re-organize my closet to where everything is visible from clothes, purses, hats and shoes!! So project closet re-haul must start asap! I've been reading and browsing and I think I've finally gotten some good, new tricks to organize. Maybe I'll take before and after photos and post it here.  Do you guys have any cool tips for closet organization? 




  1. Love this outfit it looks soo comfy and easygoing , Check out my blog :)

    1. Definitely comfy and easy! ;) Can't wait to check out your blog!