July 31, 2018

Hi guys! It has been a while since my last post here so I apologize. Hope you guys are all doing good and having a grand Summer! 
This week I am 38 weeks pregnant, feeling huge  and yes,  the baby can come anytime from now to 40 weeks. I think baby Cole is ready as he is pushing so much and sometimes really hard.  I go back and forth if I am ready or not, Ha! I am ready to meet Cole and be not pregnant and uncomfortable anymore but also kind of dreading the labor part. Since now it's the second time around I sort of know what kind of pain to expect. But I know that every baby and delivery is different,  but either way there is still going to be  tremendous amount of pain involved. I also feel like baby Cole is bigger than Carter, but then again they say you get bigger the more babies your body carries. So I guess I am just going to hope for the best!  :)
And really the most important thing is for Cole to be all safe  and healthy and same for me so I can recover fast and care for him and Carter as soon as possible. 

So for now I really just want to enjoy the last remaining days as a mom with only 1 child and spend quality time  with  Carter every moment possible. He's seriously the sweetest boy and his age right now is  so fun! He talks non stop now but I love the conversations we have all day haha! It's literally like having a partner in crime with you all day. 
Although it has been a little challenging here now to do something outdoor with Carter since our Summer temps have been pretty high everyday. The heat has been  intense.  And now at 38 weeks I am actually starting to feel tired, always hot and  uncomfortable and definitely no more jeans or pants. Right now, it's all dresses or some days maternity shorts and a cool top. So I am really thankful for stores that make and sell cute maternity clothes. The details in sizing , style and design really do make a difference. 

On this post, I am wearing a dress from Isabella Oliver. They are actually one of my favorite maternity stores ever! I got some pieces from their brand too when I was pregnant with Carter and was able to use them post partum. They don't skip out on style, quality and details so every clothing is pretty much perfect.  Their AW18 collection is out and I really love a lot of their pieces. They are are all SO cute!! From casual to dressy they've got it covered. So if you are expecting or if you know someone expecting don't forget to check them out, you will love their selections!!

Well we are almost ready for Cole's arrival. Nursery is done and just need to finish prepping baby gears but baby car seats are installed and hospital bags are packed. And just need to wash some baby toys and baby bottles.
 I can't believe he is coming soon!! And that our lives are about to change!! 





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