January 26, 2016

Hi guys! I feel like it has been a while from last week's post. I've dialed it down a little on blog posts because it seems like Carter is at the age where he is really really interacting and wanting to play and discover with mommy most times now. So I thought I'd spend extra time with him right now.  He's really been so much fun and just always something new everyday. He is working so hard on trying to stand on his own and still working on his crawling skills. He definitely has more interest on standing than crawling but he sure is doing a great job with standing. It will be interesting to see which one will come first. 
But posts on instagram are regular so if you are not yet following me there, come follow along! :) 

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with layering on this look. You know how a lot of women love wearing all black? Well I think I'm the gray version of that. If I can wear gray or all gray everyday, I think I would. I also mentioned before that I'm really liking the new grunge style and so I thought it would be fun to rock a little bit of that. Found these really fun pins from Zara. Would also be fun to find cool patches to sew in the denim jacket but I haven't really gotten the time to look around. The nice thing about these pins though is you can easily remove them when you are not feeling them anymore.  Love these jeans from Zara. Haha it might look like I did a Zara haul here but I promise I actually got these Zara pieces all at different times. 

Anyway, I hope you guys all have a wonderful week! :)

Beanie c/o Urban Philosophy / Similar here and here
Coat Sheinside / Similar here and here 
Denim Jacket c/o Urban Philosophy / Similar here, here and here
Sweater Nordstrom / Similar here and here
Jeans Zara / Similar here and here
Boots Zara / Similar here and here
Jacket pins Zara - sold out


  1. arent u the cutest :) I could never pull that look with such charisma - xx

    Love Playing DressUp