October 19, 2015

Skirt Topshop (sold out) / similar here, here and here
Shoes Asos / Similar here / Other cute options here and here

Carter's Jumpsuit Rags to Raches (sold out for now) / Similar here and here 

Hello friends! Happy new week! I can't believe we are in mid October!! I can't even wrap my head on that! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. 

I am finally now able to post this look here. I might have forgotten to post this here a couple of times now. I think I have always saved it for a Friday post and things get so hectic on Fridays that I just never get to post it.  But here it is now!  I really get a kick out of matching my outfit with baby C. It's so so fun and I am so thankful for the stores that make matchy adult and baby outfits possible and available! 

Anyway, speaking of how time flies, I think Carter was only 3 or 4 months here and already look different from how he looks now. He still has his crazy hair haha and they are growing long. So I'm thinking they will be crazy for a while! We were on our way to a Chalk it up festival where a ton of artists work and display their art around the Capitol Park using chalk. It's pretty cool. Tons of food too and music. We bopped around for a little bit but we didn't stay that long. The music was really loud and I think it was too much for baby C then. I also have to apologize some of the pics here were taken using my phone and the other half we used our DSLR. 

Also a winner has been selected on our Nordstrom Gift Card giveaway!! Click on this link to see who won!! Congratulaions!! :D 

Anyway, have a great week guys!! 




  1. what a lovely post,you look absolutely amazing and Carter is just the cutest.Love your outfit xx

  2. Too cute! How handsome is that baby.

    1. Ahh thanks so much!! You seriously are the sweetest!

  3. Oh gosh.. these pictures esp with your dude are so precious !
    You look amazing Ro - but your boy steals the show ;) xx

    Love Playing DressUp


    1. Hahaha!! He definitely steals the show!! :D Thanks so much and hope you are having a great day!!