October 16, 2015

 Dress Shirt c/o My Concrete Blues
Bag Saint Laurent / Different colors here, here and here
Sunglasses c/o Lanvin via ShopDitto (You can use code TWENTYEIGHTVIA to get 1st month free)
Sneakers Converse / New style here 

 Cheers to the weekend guys!!  Friday will always be one of my favorite days! 
Well here we are on the Part 2 series of styling one of my favorite transition pieces for this Fall, this long shirt dress! This time is styled it very causal, perfect for during the day and running around. It's seriously so comfy I love it!! It's such a unique piece from My Concrete Blues boutique, really digging the design of the fabric with the black accents. If you guys are thinking about getting this piece, you might want to hurry before they go out of stock! 

Also I never talked about my little precious body bag I've been toting around lately. It's definitely a new favorite. I love how it's small, classic black and gold and really just perfect to carry all my daily important small things that are so easy to lose in a big tote. I mean I still love my bigger ones but when on the go, I find this one just perfect  right now. Oh! - and what about that I am now a mom and what about the diaper bag and all the baby things I need? Well the trick is super simple ;) I have mommy hooks attached to the stroller. I can't even tell you guys how much that has saved me!!!! Literally! And will you believe me if I tell you that I have never in the 5 months I have been a mom have carried Carter's diaper bag? Nope! I have a designated mommy hook to hold and carry that heavy diaper bag while I still get to carry my cute bags and totes I dearly love. (Yes, true confession: I am a bag lady ;) ) Those hooks are really great too for when you are shopping with the baby and  at the groceries! 

Anyway, this weekend we invited some friends to come over for brunch and I need to start preparing the house for that. Now, won't it be so much fun to just host brunch, lunch, dinner parties and tea parties all the time??!! To have different sets of dinnerware and china for every party?!! And set and decorate the whole table ala Martha Stewart style or pinterest worthy style? If I had all the time in the world, I would probably do that more often! :) I finally finalized our little menu and I'm getting really excited! Hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend!! 




  1. It does look very very comfy! Beautiful color. The mommy hook sounds like a great idea. Wish they were around or I had one when I had my babies. I love the bag.

    1. Thanks so much gorgeous lady! And yes I really love my mommy hooks! Haha, thank god for them! It holds almost everything for me!! :)

  2. Such a comfortable and classy outfit. :)

    Roseleen and Bridgette
    In Style Custody

  3. Im in love with your dress <3 <3

    pass to my blog :

    1. Thanks so much! It's a pretty amazing dress! Hope you are having an awesome day!