October 27, 2015

Top Zara
Pants Zara
Heels Shoedazzle / Similar here and here
Sunnies c/o Lanvin from ShopDitto (Get the 1st month free by using code TWENTYEIGHTVIA)

These diagonal stripes and the color palette of this whole look I really love for Fall. And I am really a big fan of high waist, wide leg pants. I also love mixing neutrals with a bold pop of color or pattern, I think my home decor is the same way. :)

Lately I have been feeling exhausted. Maybe I am finally crashing. Since caffeine does not even seem to do the trick these days. I usually go and power through for months and BAM! One day I just crash!  So it might be time for some serious R & R. Be on hiatus for a few days and shut off everything and everyone and just spend some time with me and my little family.  Eeeks I usually have a problem with just relaxing so we'll see how I do. Any tricks that you guys usually do to achieve that nice relaxing time that can totally revive and rejuvenate you? Please do share, I would love to hear and try something new too!  :)




  1. you look amazing and i love your outfit! And i must say,your hair is gorgeous! I think the best thing to do is turn off your phone and just have some quality relaxing time with your lovely family.Hope you are back fully rejuvenated soon xx

    1. Thanks so much Hollie. i will do my best to get there! Haha! Wish me luck! :) Hope you are having a fab week!

  2. I'm seriously loving those pants styled with the perfect top. Very chic look.

  3. This outfit is so stylish! I like how effortlessly it looks on you and how you combine pieces! And this color combination is also amazing!

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. This is out of the world chic, Ro!
    not many can pull off flared pants with such charsima :)

    Love Playing DressUp

  5. Wow those pants THO! They look perfect on you, and I love how you styled them. Love the print as well, and great shoes.

    Berty Morales
    Mad For fashion For Less!