October 9, 2015

Happy Friday guys!! I had a really great start today. Carter decided to sleep from 7:30PM- 7:00Am!! 

I mean he sleeps pretty good from like 7:30PM and would wake up once at like 5 or 6am to feed 

then sleep again for a couple more hours. It's pretty good unless he is undergoing a growth spurt or 

some sleep regression. But it really makes such a huge difference when you actually sleep straight 

without so much interruption, you just feel so much rested in the morning. 

So we went and got a Starbucks treat for me and we were able to sit out in our patio since it was still 

nice and cool and I was able to do some work there. 

This week has been kind of nuts for me. Carter's sleep patterns are changing, so this week I tried to 

re-schedule everything to fit in to see when he wants to do his naps now.  So I have to schedule 

everything around it and hope we get a pattern down this week so when we resume back in to 

schedule next week that he would just fall asleep at his "nap time" wherever we are.  Funny, re-doing 

your whole routine and schedule is actually exhausting and I felt so scattered this week. But I think 

we got his new nap times figured out and hopefully next week would be much smoother. 

Before we continue though, I would just like to remind you guys that you can still join our $500 

Nordstrom Giftcard Giveaway that is still on going right now! This is open internationally and it's 

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So anyway, let's talk about this outfit!  Oh my gosh I totally fell in love with this dress as soon as I 

saw it!! And the price I can't even believe for the style and quality. It's totally a must have piece in 

your wardrobe.  Because the color is neutral you can totally do so much with it. I wore it with my 

moto jacket to balance off the daintiness of the dress and give it some edge. And these Prada 

sunglasses  in this color - I'm totally obsessed with!! Like Obsessed! I totally love it!! It just goes 

with everything, dressed up or down!! Really!! Thanks to ShopDitto, I get the chance to try it out 

and now I know that I actually want to invest in it and own it. So you sunglass lovers out there, Shop 

Ditto might be perfect for you! You pick, you use and swap it out to another designer pair whenever 

you want and then you have the option to buy and keep the pair you love! For now I have a 1 month 

free code for you guys if you want to try it out! Just enter code TWENTYEIGHTVIA at checkout! 

Dress SheInside
Jacket c/o Urban Philosophy (old) / similar here, here and I also this one
Heels GoJane / similar here, here and here
Sunglasses Prada c/o Shop Ditto - (You can use code TWENTYEIGHTVIA to get the first month free)

Hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend!! 



  1. so gorgeous!! you look amazing
    im so in love with this look darling


  2. Oh to be a mom. Our lives revolve around our children. So you actually slept through the night? I'm super happy for you. Your LLP look is stunning. I love the dress really hard.

    1. Such a crazy & wonderful life isn't it?! :) Well technically I have been sleeping through the night just waking real early. Sleeping straight to 7am is really wonderful! Haha! Thank you so much Idu, you are the sweetest!! Kisses!

  3. That is such a cute dress. You look gorgeous.

    Roseleen and Bridgette
    In Style Custody