September 23, 2015

Hi guys! How are you doing this week? As for me I am literally fueling on caffeine these days! 

We have a movement sensor monitor in baby Carter's room and now that he is moving around so 

much whenever he is in the corners of his crib, the alarm has been going off. Last night I had to get 

up 3x times for that.  We have made adjustments to its sensitivity but we have not quite nailed it 

down yet. So we'll for sure be working on that tonight. 

Anyway, for being a first time mom, everything from being pregnant to now is just such a wonderful 

and crazy experience! I can also totally see how easy it is to just get stuck in the wonderful baby land 

and just stay in sweats all day.  I personally refuse to do that, I thought that it's still important to 

take care of myself and that I would feel better if I did and that it was worth the extra effort. And I 

think it's good for all mommies to still take care of themselves. When mommy feels good, and is 

happy, it's easier to to tend to the baby's needs therefore more chances of having a happy baby. :) 

 But I just recently realized that yes, I was dressing up everyday but it was pretty much 

"Meh" style wise. Like my mojo was gone...And I am so excited to post these pics because I think 

this was the time I realized that, and I think I finally got it back.  It's ok to still 

wear cute and fun clothes even if you are already a mom. Haha I know this is a little more risque 

than normal but it's good to have fun every now and then. And really what I am trying to say is for 

moms out there who think they've lost touch with dressing and styling  themselves up, it's still in 

you,  just waiting for you to tap it! 

Sunnies The Row c/o Shop Ditto - Get 1st month free with code TWENTYEIGHTVIA
Romper She Inside
Booties Zara / Similar here and here
Bag Saint Laurent / Similar here and different color options herehere, and here

I also have been enjoying lately these super cool glasses from Shop Ditto! It's by The Row (Fashion 

brand by the Olsen Twins) and I  really love it! These glasses would have cost me $400 but because 

of Shop ditto I am able to rock it for as long as I want for $24 a month! AND when you are done 

with it, you can swap it for another cool designer pair whenever . you. want . So you can be rocking 

2 different style designer shades in 1 month if you like! It's pretty cool!! And if you want to try it out 

you can use the code TWENTYEIGHTVIA and get the first month FREE! My next pair are these 

bad-ass Lanvins!! I am super excited to rock them. Again another $400 pair of sunnies. I snapped a 

preview of it from my phone and posted it below :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great rest of the week! 



  1. Love it girl! Glad you're feeling more inspired! You look amazing!

    1. Thanks so much gorgeous! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. oh wow,i totally love your amazing outfit Ro! You look incredible and you are so inspirational to all new moms out there,honestly you are amazing xx