September 21, 2015

Top She Inside/ Similar here 
Shorts H&M / Similar here and here
Necklace Statement Piece c/o Datta Do
Sunnies Rayban

Hi guys! Happy new week! Hope you guys had a fun and restful weekend! 
We took so many pics on our last Socal trip and I am still working on uploading them. We are there a lot because of my family and some work but it's always a super short trip. We usually only go too when there's an occasion but it's been a while for us to just go there to just visit and go around town. So on this last visit we did, I really tried to go around Socal cities and show Mark around. Yes Mark is a full blown Northern Cali guy and he is Canadian, so he has not really spent much time in Socal except for our little short trips in the past. 
We had a lot of fun and I am so so glad Mark enjoyed and likes Socal now. Maybe I'll end up moving back there with my little family, who knows?! Lots of possibilities and I am definitely open to that idea! 

Anyway, these are pics we took when we went to Laguna beach, close to my sister's house where we were staying. We only had about an 1 1/2 hours to play around the beach and we had to get going since everyday's agenda was so full. It was so nice to be by the ocean, it's just SO relaxing. This was also Carter's first trip to the beach. Mark thinks the water might have scared him a little haha! With Carter being born around Summer time it kind of took away half of our Summer time and beach time. We'll just have to make up for it a different time! :) 
Another great reason to move back to Socal is being able to live by the water. I wish we could have stayed there longer but we had to meet people for lunch. 

By the way you guys, this statement piece I am wearing, I am so obsessed with!! I literally cannot stop wearing it. You can totally wear this Boho style or you can take it and go edgy by layering this with other pieces to almost create a bib necklace look. I also posted a look on instagram where I rocked this necklace with a bandana. It's definitely a great piece to have since it looks good with any style and you can get 28% OFF your entire order from Datta Do with code 28VIA. She has a lot of cute pieces! 

Well I guess I should end this post for now. It's again pretty late and if Carter decides to wake up super early in the morning and not go back to sleep I'll be sorry again (like this morning :P ) The boy is learning to crawl, with that and his turning over it sure is disrupting his sleep. It's still good though at night, he just is waking up earlier than normal. Hope we get back in our old routine soon! 

Have a great week lovers! 



  1. Beautiful photos! Love your outfit. Especially your top.
    Xox, Raysa