August 26, 2015

Top Forever 21 / Similar here and here
Shorts Forever21 / Similar here and here
Bag Versace / Similar here and here 
Personalized bangle c/o Datta Do (coupon code available on the right banner of my page)
Sneakers Asos

Here's a casual take on wearing co-ordinates. I dressed this top and shorts down by wearing sneakers. You can never go wrong with white sneaks because it pretty much goes with everything and it really is one of the easiest ways to dress down an outfit.
I used my cobalt bag to give it a pop of color. 

Also loving my personalized bangle form Datta Do online jewelry store. They have all these different kinds of jewelries that you can personalize and put any initials you want. On mine I have "MRC" stands for my little family Mark, Ro, Carter. I also think they are the perfect gifts!! I actually also love their jewelry collection! They have the cutest pieces!! And there's a coupon code for you guys to get 28%OFF just enter "28VIA" at check out. 

Anyway, today is sort of one of Carter's milestones!! He rolled over today!! Oh my gosh I can't believe it and it was so so cute!! But it's crazy! I can't believe he already rolled over at 3.5 months. The next I know is he'll start crawling.... not sure how soon I will be ready for that haha! I guess it is true, they do grow very fast!! :)



  1. So cute! :)

  2. They really do grow up very fast, that's amazing! You look gorgeous as always. The personalized bangle is super cute. Pretty sunnies, :)).

    1. Thanks so much gorgeous lady! Hope you are enjoying your evening!

  3. Wooow! Beautiful post my dear!!! My new post on the blog!!! Thank you so much!!! ))

  4. Everything about this look works. You look amazing