July 17, 2015

Just a quick little recap of what we did on the Fourth of July. We didn't really plan much this year so 

we just ended up checking out local Fourth of July events. We decided to go and see the parade close 

to where we live and then after that decided to head over to the park and join the festivities.

The band played really good music. There were a lot of food and crafts vendors. And

Carter did so good with all the music playing and the noise. I think he loves being out which is really 

awesome for me and Mark. Right now we seem to be able to just take him anywhere with no 

problem. Haha if anything, I think he gets a little bit more fussy when at home. 

Haha, his chubby cheeks completely captured in this photo. Funny, the only thing really chubby in 

him right now are his cheeks. Well, mom and dad both have round faces too. No wonder he has 

chubby cheeks! :)

It was really hot out that day. So we stayed there till early afternoon and then headed over to go 

swimming  with  my brother in law and his girlfriend. We were dipping Carter's feeties in the pool 

and it's pretty amazing to watch his face discovering something new. It was priceless! It was too hot 

that day and there was not really much shaded area to get Carter into the pool so dipping his feeties 

were all that we were able to do. Maybe the next time it's super hot we'll have to try an indoor pool so 

he can have his first swim experience. :)


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  1. Awww he is just adorable God bless him, and congrats again doll. Also you look amazing. Honestly you don't look like you just had him, nor pregnant.. :o) xo

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less

  2. AAA you are the sweetest!! Thanks so much and hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)