July 14, 2015

TOP Forever21 / SKIRT Forever21/ Shoes Topshop

I'm pretty excited about this post because every single piece in this outfit has made it to "my favorite" list!! No lie!! First let's talk about these heels!! At first I was kind hesitant about it. There are a lot of similar styles that are out but I only like particular ones so far and this pair is one of them. These heels are so PERFECT I think especially if you want to create your favorite 70s look. This pair would probably go with all of them! They are seriously so comfy, lightweight and I love the style!! So so happy I found them. Next piece that I have been giddy about is this dang skirt!! So we have been seeing a lot of the brown/ camel colored suede skirts but this one is rose color, I just immediately fell in love. The color I think is just so chic and will always be chic. And of course this basic top. Who does not love a good basic, stripe top?? AND yes, I cannot believe that I found the top and the skirt from Forever21!! Especially the skirt, it's pretty good quality, nice and fully lined. All these 3 pieces are definitely getting their use this Summer and none of them will break your bank. It's definitely a WIN!! 

Me and baby C had a nice morning. We discovered a new indoor place where we can hang and when he gets bigger he can eventually play and run around with other kids. Summer gets super hot here, when it's 90-100 degrees out and super dry.... it's easy to overheat! And of course with Carter being a new born he can't really have that. So I've been constantly searching for indoor places where we can hang and do stuff. So I'm always excited to find new cool spots! 

Happy new week!! :)




  1. you look amazing. that skirt is so pretty