February 10, 2015

Hi guys! So excited about today's post and to share with you this outfit I put together. This look has definitely hit the top of my list!! I recently did a Zara haul, I'm sure you are all aware of the big sale they just had and was so happy I found these pieces. I didn't even look until towards the end of their sale... great for me for finding them but unfortunately I can't link the exact items anymore on this post as they are all sold out. And as for the pants, it's such a unique piece I really couldn't find anything similar in other stores. 

I'm in love with this high neck knit pullover, with the style and color and not to mention how soft and warm it is!! If they have this in another color I'd probably get it too. And these wide leg palazzo pants!! I am OBSESSED! It's a piece you don't really find everywhere. Every single detail of the style is perfect. It's funky, it's modern, it's minimalist and edgy. It's definitely a keeper!! It's something that will just never go out of fashion. 

Anyway, Valentine's is this weekend!! Do you guys have fun plans? Me and Mark will be on the road for a mini road trip for the weekend. We'll literally be in the car driving all day on the 14th so no romantic date plans for us this year but this weekend should still be full of fun!! We are heading over to Southern California for my family baby shower and this time we decided to drive instead of flying since we will probably have a lot of bigger luggage to haul back to Northern Cali on our way back. It will be so much fun to see the family. 

What will you guys be up to this weekend? :)

Outfit Details: 

Cowl Knit Sweater Zara / similar here 
Palazzo wide leg pants Zara
Sneakers Asos 



  1. m in love with your jumper, its stunning x

  2. ahhh these pants are everything! -

    1. Thank you so much I couldn't agree more! Lol!! :)

  3. This outfit is everything! Love it! ;)

    1. Thanks so much love! Hope you are enjoying your day!

  4. just stunning! you pull off those palazzo pants so well! :)

    Metallic Paws

  5. this is such a cool & unique look!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin