December 2, 2014

(faux) Fur Jacket Forever 21  - ON SALE!
Shirt c/o Urban Philosophy / Similar here 
Leather waxed jeans Paige Denim via Nordstrom / Similar here and here 
Booties Tildon via Nordstrom  - ON SALE! 

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Mine and Mark's were pretty quiet this year but we still had a blast. Coming from the trip we were both exhausted and since we haven't really taken a break in like 2 years straight, it was a much needed time off the week after our trip, which is also the Thanksgiving week. We were able to rest and also tackle my closet situation, finally! :) I decided to stay in our existing closet but just added more shelving and pretty much moved half of Mark's stuff into a wardrobe in our bedroom.  It just makes sense for me to stay where our closet is now because we really have great lighting there plus 2 giant floor to ceiling wall mirrors. And I just couldn't leave that and move into another room to transform it into a closet. Too much work for what I need right now. Anyway, can I just say .... it's so. much. better.!! To be able to see what you have in your closet is really such a great concept! Ha! It's so organized now it's definitely an addition to my happy place in the house. We have such big space in this house but in my opinion there's really not a lot of built in storage cabinets all over the house. Something to keep in mind when house shopping. 

Anyway, my (faux) fur coat and jacket obsession is just growing. I still want them in every style and every color. This blue one is one of my faves and yes it's actually form forever 21!! AND the quality is actually decent. I just love the color, not very many rocks a blue (faux) fur jacket yet and the deep blue color I think is just perfectly chic! And I know it's a trendy piece and so the price justifies the purchase even more!! AND it's even on sale right now!! This particular jacket I also like because it's pretty thick well... for a California Fall weather of course. 

Anyway, it's gloomy and rainy here all week. Is it raining where you are too? I also wanted to give you an update on this little munchkin growing in me. :) I think he's decided to pop out  and soon I'll probably be dressing this bump and hopefully feel his little kicks soon... I started browsing some kids stuff and there are soooo many cute clothes I want to get him but of course, I am trying to exercise restraint since it might be too early to be buying. Funny too, I know now what I want to exactly do with his room but i don't think I am not yet in that baby furniture buying mode yet... I just want to get him clothes, clothes, clothes. I told Mark he'll end up being the baby with no furnitures in his room, just clothes!! -I'm just kidding!! :) Haha! I'll eventually get into it. I think I'm as particular with the home decor just as much as dressing up! 



  1. Your make up look is fabulous! And I love the color of your coat, totally understand your obssesion, awesome boots too, Tildon makes great shoes!

    99 OUTFITS

    1. Thank you so much!! And you are so right! these boots still look brand new! :)

  2. Such a great coat, really liking these lately! & those shoes are freaking amazing :D


  3. So pretty! Love the color of that fur!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

    1. Thanks Claire! Me too, Obsessed with blue fur! :)

  4. you shoes so rock girl,

    welcome to my blog


  5. Such a cute jacket!
    Xo, Aida