April 7, 2014

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Today I want to talk a little bit about packing for travel. I have a quick trip coming up and I am leaving this Friday. I'll be going across the globe and will be there for a week. Do you guys have cool packing tips? I used to be the worst packer ever in my younger, carefree years. I always waited to the last minute and always brought way too many clothes and shoes and accessories and toiletries, always wanting to make sure I have something to wear for whatever occasion comes up during my trip. And since it's half planned - my outfits, I still always scramble and sometimes find that I have nothing to wear. I know, I am cringing as I'm writing these words. Well over the years that has changed, thankfully! Now I try to plan my trips more (things to do during the day and night) I also try to print out the weather forecast. And one of my tricks is I actually plan and try on each outfit before packing. My sister also introduced me to to these super light travel mesh bags that comes in all sizes and I am now so  hooked on them. This might sound a little OCD but this trick really works for me! So I try on each outfit with accessories, I pack each outfit on those mesh bags separately. When I get to my destination, I grab one of the mesh bags, and waallaaaa!! In a matter of minutes I'm dressed! I don't have to think about anything, I can be ready to go in minutes and I save SO much room in my luggage! And this can get more detailed depending on how busy the trip is. We've done some tours before where you have a busy set schedule for the whole day and night. With that kind of a trip I go as far as labeling my mesh bags. It also really helps me from wanting to keep adding more stuff right before I zip up my luggage. I see the mesh bags all zipped close, and everything is piled and organized neatly. For some reason seeing that I think sends a message to my  brain that "packing is done, time to zip up that luggage and you can't add anymore!" :) 

I'd love to hear more packing tips!! Do tell! :)