December 17, 2017

During this time of the year, there are so many parties, engagements and events which makes this season so much more fun, joyful and magical! Being able to celebrate it with friends and family make it so special.  But it also makes it really really busy for everyone!! Finding the right outfits to for each event, gift shopping, gift wrapping, travel, Preparing the house for guests, Food prep for parties and so much more!! And I love having my Marc Bale watch this season, helping me stay on time and stay on schedule!  If you are like me.... I am always late!! (it's a real struggle haha!) And to make things even easier for me when getting ready and accessorizing, I also got this perfect Gold Cuff to go along my chic watch. I call it "the perfect gold cuff" because it's simple and stylish and it really easily goes along with anything I wear. So that cuts my getting ready time not having to think about what accessory to wear. I just grab my watch and the cuff and know that it goes well with anything and out the door I go. 

What about you guys? What life hacks do you guys have for the Holiday season  to save time and stay on time? I am sure you guys have a lot!! Please do share!! I would love to know!

By the way, this Gold Cuff and Marc Bale watch are actually on sale at The Peach Box plus you can also get an additional 20%OFF with code XMAS-20. They also make really great gifts as their quality is really nice. 

9 more days to Christmas guys!! 




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