December 9, 2015

Hi guys! I know, it seems like it has been a while since my last post so I really apologize for it. It has been so crazy busy with the Holidays, Mark's job and the little guy so all I'm able to do is insta-post! (see here, instagram) But it's all a good busy :) 
So what have you guys been up to the past weeks and how was your Thanksgiving? Do you usually make dishes for Thanksgiving or are you the chef of the family and is the one in charge of the turkey?? :) In the past years I've only done side dishes and appetizers but never yet a turkey!! Goodness! Being in charge of the Turkey is some serious business! Maybe one day, ha! 

Anyway, did you guys score some great deals on all the Thanksgiving sales plus cyber Monday sales? I actually am pleased to say that this year I think I really did. Found really good gifts this year  I am so excited to wrap them and give them and see our family's reactions. And we are actually almost done with gift shopping this year which might be a first. We usually wait so late and are cramming a few days before Christmas.  I know, terribs right? How's your Christmas shopping going?

Well let's talk about today's unplanned outfit!! Each piece was so unplanned and I really love how they all turned out really cute together. I originally ordered this coat thinking it was camel color but it's really more like burnt orange which I think is really perfect too. I actually am now obsessed with  the color of this coat!! I think I will be wearing this a lot this season. It's super soft and the fit is perf!
The dress was super on sale and I thought it's just a good basic piece to have.
And these shoes!!! Brogues in nude color and the sole in white platforms = perfection!! I mean I can literally wear these with everything!! It's definitely a must have guys! 
So I am thinking, these shoes were the inspiration in creating this whole look!

And one more amazing detail I want to hi-light. This gold screw bar bangle from The Peach Box I really love the quality of their jewelries and the styles. Definitely good pieces to have and they make great gifts!! I am eyeing some of their earrings and their Marc Bale watches I really really like! Check them out guys and I even have a code you can use!! You can get 15% OFF your entire purchase. Just use the code "tbp-twentyeightvia" at checkout. 

Shoes ZARA / Similar HERE, HERE, HERE

Hope you are having an amazing week!! 



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