November 6, 2015

 Shirt c/o LEMOTTO
Jeans RAG & BONE / Similar HERE and HERE
Heels STEVE MADDEN / Similar here 

Hi guys! How have you been this week? Hope you had a great week! I got a cold on Tuesday and just now finally feeling better. I hate being sick and I usually really don't! So much harder too when you have a little one. 

But anyway, so glad I am much better now, I sure missed cuddling with my little angel. He is getting so much more active and kind of wild!! Hahaha! It's super fun! We laugh and squeal all day! I also finally shopped him some cold weather clothes, it's finally getting cold here and I guess I never really know how much of what we will need a lot of until the actual weather hits. I am not one of those that just stocks up on baby clothes. I seem to have a hard time doing that because they literally grow out of it so so fast!! AND they grow so fast that it's hard to estimate what size they really will be in when Summer hits. Isn't that weird that my philosophy on my baby's closet is completely different with my own. I actually like Carter's closet to just have a few really good pieces. Actual clothes he wears at the current season for the home, going out and for sleeping. Too much of them seems overwhelming to me when I get him ready in a hurry (which is pretty much almost always) and it just means more laundry!! :) So a few really good pieces for him works great! Because in a couple of months we change sizes all over again. 

Anyway, so I LOVE dancing and I love graphic tees. So combine both of  them = this super cute tee from Le Motto! I mean it's perfect!! :) I really like the Le Motto brand because they spread good words and try to make a difference in the world in such a cute way. They make graphic tees that you can customize yourself and their mottos are all pretty cool (not cheesy!) . And who does not like a graphic tee?? They are so perfect for you and for the whole family and your friends! I think they are perfect gifts too, they are so soft!! So check them out an see which one you like the best! My 2nd favorite motto they have is "Team Happiness" :) 

Have a great weekend guys! 




  1. ok.. so how do u manage to remain so chic and fab looking with so much on your plate - you amaze me!! :) xx

    Love Playing DressUp

    1. Aaah you are the sweetest ever!! Thanks so much! Balancing everything seems to be forever a challenge!!

  2. beautiful look i love it :)
    those pants look amazing on you


    1. Thanks so much lady!! I think these jeans are one of my faves! :)

  3. great idea re Carter's closet,it really makes sence as they grow so quick! Happy to hear you are feeling better and i must say you look fabulous in your gorgeous outfit,oh and those shoes are just wow.Thanks for sharing your wonderful post xx

    1. Thanks so much friend!! Yes these shoes are everything!! They are super comfy too! Hope you are having an amazing week!