June 9, 2015

I wanted to share with you guys this  new skin care line I have been using lately. It's this amazing 

skin care line called Enza. Ever since I started using it 

my skin has really cleared up and have this nice glow. It also seemed to have balanced  my skin and 

is now less oily!  My skin is majorly sensitive and I can't and don't really try on a lot of beauty 

sample products because it usually always causes my skin to break out. So usually the skin regimen 

that works for me are products prescribed by an actual 

dermatologist. But when I saw the products and ingridients of Enza's product line, I actually agreed to 

do a review since they are all mostly natural ingridients and not chemical. Chemical skin care 

products usually causes me to break out. 

My skin is usually oily and prone to break outs. So any product that controls the oil on my face , 

minimizes the size of pores and helps balance the moisture of my skin I am all for! I was also 

pregnant when I tried on their products,  and when you are pregnant you have to be careful with the 

products you topically apply on your face. Some of them might be too strong or have really harmful 

ingredients that can actually affect you baby. But Enza was able to cater to that and created a 

full face regimen for me for day and night and I really love it! 

(Photos were taken when I was 40 weeks pregnant)

(Windy park day )

So ladies, I think it's really important to clean and wash your face every day and night before going to 

bed. Never sleep with your make up on. And it really does make a huge difference when you are 

using the right products for your skin type. Also make sure that you use really good products that 

work,  clean and protect the deeper layers of your skin. I highly suggest the Enza Skin care line if you 

have not found the perfect skin regimen for you yet. They have products that cater to every skin type 

and every need we have for our skin. My ultimate favorite so far is their Glycolic serum! That one 

product alone does so much for my skin!! Brightening, tightening of pores and helps with previous 

acne scars too. So check them out and see if they have something you've been needing for your facial 

skin regimen. 

Skin care line c/o Enza Essentials

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