March 9, 2015

 Well, 31 weeks starting today! :) Finally signed up on some baby and birthing classes this morning! Excited and really nervous at the same time. Hopefully the classes will help calm my nerves. I am also sure once I complete and finish organizing major things and necessities for the baby I'll feel better too. So starting this week I need to start focusing on completing the baby stuff. 
Anyway, what did you guys get up to this weekend? My weekend seemed to have gone by so fast (I am having a hard time remembering much of it, could totally be pregnancy brain too, haha!). It was a busy weekend mixing work and play. 

So I have been wanting grid pants like these and seems like they are out on several stores now. This one is from Zara and I think I also saw one at Mango. I love, love, love the wide leg cut and the fabric. I Decided to wear it with this Forever 21 vest top and closed it up with a thin white belt I've had in my closet forever. And I think this outfit is perfect to make my red accessories pop out! I am so in love with my mirrored sunglasses from People by People and this corky clutch purse from the same store too, I am so obsessed!! Making the whole outfit so much more fun and less serious! If you guys are looking for some fun, cool and really great quality accessories, check out People by People they might just have what you are looking for! I always love discovering new stores and places to shop! Having options is always good! ;) 

Outfit Details: 

Pants Zara
Heels Asos


Sunglasses c/o People by People
Clutch Purse c/o People by People
Earrings c/o  Rocksbox
Ring c/o Rocksbox
Plain gold cuff Nordstrom
Double knob cuff Nordstrom



  1. But this my love is what perfection looks like, Great pictures!!! http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

    1. Aah, you are the sweetest!! Thank you so much!!

  2. aww everyday you look more beautiful, you look adorable with that look
    love this outfit !!!!! these pant are amazing


    1. Thank you so much gorgeous lady!! Hope you are enjoying your day!! :)