January 30, 2015

TGIF everyone!! Hope you are having a fab week! Mine has been great and busy with lots of eating and visiting with family. Will definitely have to get back on track next week. 
Today I am posting probably my most favorite winter skirt find ever!! I love, love, love the style with the long slit and a long fabric tie on the waist. It's not maternity fit but the waist is actually half elastic so that really worked out perfectly for my growing bump. High tall boots are perfect for it and I really loved wearing it with this over sized knit sweater. And yup, you guessed it right! It is super comfy! 
I also played with a new set of necklace stacking and I really like how this combo turned out. If you guys are getting tired of wearing your old necklaces, you can always try stacking them up to freshen up the look! This goes with your bracelets and rings too! 

Update on this baby munchkin, this week I think he is definitely learning some new tricks in there and of course growing bigger. His movements or kicks are SO much stronger, it literally jolts me, haha! It makes me laugh every time I feel him move around and much more with his new found strength and tricks. 

Well happy happy FriYAY!! Hope you all have a fun weekend! 

Outfit Details:

Knit sweater: Century21 New York/ similar here // I also like this one here and here
Skirt: Forever 21/ Similar here , here, and here
Boots: My closet / Similar here and here  // This here is cute too!



  1. I love your jumper and skirt combo, its really pretty and the colours go ell together x

  2. love your outfit Rho and i am really so much enjoying your journey to your special day! You look fantastic as you always do and your outfits are amazing! Take care lovely lady! xx

    1. Thank you so much lady!! You are so sweet i hope you are having a fab day!! :)

  3. I can't speak enough to how much I love this post. Image number 11, LOVE IT! Made me smile too. So comfy, so relaxed, so effortless, so chic. Lol @ new tricks. That's funny.

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous lady!! I could wear this outfit everyday, haha! I am so glad you are loving it!

  4. Cool way to wear a long skirt during colder days! The blue is beautiful.

    Love, L