December 8, 2014

Top Uniqlo / Similar here, here , here and here 
Skirt Zara 
Booties Zara / Similar here, here, here and here
Fur clutch Zara / Similar here, here and here 
Sunglasses Rayban 

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was great! Super busy but got a lot done so that's really nice. Have you guys finished Christmas decorating and Christmas shopping yet? Well I finally finished decorating last weekend so that's really really nice. I even set up 2 trees this year, both white and I really love how they turned out! Will have to take some photos so I can show you guys! 
But I have not even started Christmas shopping yet!! Really need to get on that and hopefully start tonight. Luckily, I think there are still some great deals out there.

Anyway, the outfit I have on this post is surprisingly one of my favorites for Fall. It's such a minimalist look but I think it's still very sharp. I surprsingly love this white and blue combo (like a LOT) and the skirt being blue leather makes a world of difference!  I wore it with my open toe booties and this super cute (faux) fur clutch. I think that owning an open toe booties is such a must and a real wardrobe stable. It really goes great with everything, it be pants, skirt, shorts or dresses. It has an edgy look but feminine at the same time. I attached a lot of links as options for you guys above. But the first link to the booties is my favorite pair!! Such a much have! You guys hold check it out! 

And as you guys can see the bump is out! Haha! I think for the first time eve I might have felt him move today. It's the funniest feeling! Today is the beginning of 19 weeks in this pregnancy. Seems to be going super fast!  :) 

Hope you are having a fab day!! 



  1. What a fabulous outfit,it is perfect,love the booties! Cant believe it is 19 weeks already,time is flying lovely! I have no shopping done at all,i am such a last minute girl! xx

    1. Thanks lady! I seems like it really is flying by!! Gosh I'm just now realizing how last minute I am when it comes to Christmas shopping! Good luck to us! :)

  2. Simple but yet so chic, love it ;) xo

  3. Very chic, I am loving those boots with your skirt, perfection!

    xx Cara

  4. chick and sexy!!!!!! love it! the skirt is perfect!

    1. Thanks gorgeous! I am definitely in love with this skirt!! Great quality and fit! ;)

  5. Okay you are te chicest pregnant woman ever!! That outfit is to die for!!


    1. Aahh! Thank you so much!! You are the sweetest!!