November 14, 2014

Dress Mango / Similar here and here I also like this here 
Boots Zara
Beanie c/o Urban Philosophy / Similare here and here
Moto Jacket Zara / I like this one here and here 

TGIF!! Literally! With my post going up at end of today! Today was so crazy just  running around with meetings and errands but it always feels so good when you know you accomplished everything in your busy day's to do list. Actually I am just taking a quick break and getting my post up and I will be back out again to finish up. 

Lately I've been seeing a lot of these printed, chiffon shift dresses and I think they are just so cute!! They are so easy to wear. Cute modern prints and colors and they go so well with booties. Of course you can always wear them with heels to do a more feminine look but I personally like them with booties. It's also so easy to layer them so they really are great pieces to have because you can wear them all year long. Don't forget that you can also always cinch them on the waist with a cute belt. 

Tomorrow will be a packing day for me and Mark and off we go on Sunday. It'll be interesting to see if my will power will let me pack light since shopping there will be so amazing that I shouldn't need to bring much. But I don't really consider myself as a light packer maybe we'll just say that I am a "reasonable" packer. I don't bring too much but I also don't sacrifice the integrity of having a complete outfit with the right shoes and accessories ;) But I do not like being over the limit. So it still does take some creativity. 

Anyway, hope you guys are already enjoying your weekend!! 



  1. Hi dear and thank you for your visit! I like very much this Mango dress...it looks so lovely on you!!! Today I have started following you on Google+. What do you think to follow us also on Bloglovin! Let me know....Have a nice day, kisses,


    1. Thank you so much!! Can't wait to check out your blog too!! :)


  2. I LOVE this dress, shift dresses are my favorite!
    Xo, Aida

    1. Thank you so much lady!! I love them too, they are really so easy! :)