November 10, 2014

Beanie c/o Urban Philosophy / Similar here and here 
Top Nordstrom Rack / Similar here and here
Leather Pants Paige Denim / Similar here and here
Flats Zara / Similar here and here

Happy brand new week!! It's Monday and I am feeling extra great and energized. I guess I normally have high energy with or without caffeine. With a lot or little sleep, I can still go on for days before completely crashing. It takes a lot for me to be just completely exhausted . But of don't get me wrong,  of course I still love my coffee! 

So I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite Fall trends. I am so happy that the weather is finally cooling down a bit that I can start wearing coats here and there. These long coats and dusters, I am obsessed with them. In plain, plaid or stripes I definitely want them all. So I was pretty excited to find this one at Nordstrom when I was really there for something else! I love when that happens! :) 

Well I have a few more days left before leaving for NYC. Funny,  being the type A personality that I am I usually loooove planning trips  and the whole vacation itinerary schedule for each day of the whole trip. But for some reason I guess this one seemed to have snuck up or we've just been super busy that we have no plan or itinerary yet to this point. So after this post, you know what I'll be doing! Yep, grabbing my calendar and start planning this trip! I am super excited though!! So when you guys travel are you like me where I like having the whole trip planned or are you more of a spontaneous, whatever happens, happens!?  

Anyway this last weekend we did a fun shoot and I cannot wait to share it with you this week. So stay tuned!! 



  1. Love your style! Just found your blog and followed, so well done :)


    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot! Can't wait to check yours out too!! :)

  2. Love this long coat; I recently ordered a longline coat & can't wait to get it!!

    xo, grace (

    1. I am obsessed! Ahh so exciting!! I can't wait to see yours!! Did you get a plain one or with print?

  3. I love this style!
    Nice cmbination.
    You re so pretty in this look!