June 26, 2014

Headband c/o Jolie USA
Turquoise Ring c/o Shop Compliment

Hello! It's almost to the end of another week, I hope you guys are having a fab one! So my inspiration for this shoot started with this gorgeous head band I am wearing from Jolie USA! It's so so pretty I thought I wanted to do something different. I thought of several ways to style it but I decided to go with  a little bit of whimsical and a little bit of romantic! I was so excited to have found the perfect dress and my Turquoise Vintage Ring from Shop Compliment to accessorize it. I am all about having pieces that have great design and great quality and this ring is one of them. The design is so versatile you can dress it up or down and it will look good no matter what. It's definitely a great piece to have. Let's also talk about how major  this dress is!!  Do you guys agree? It's seems so simple but also such a statement because of its details. I thought it just went so perfect with the headband. Isn't it so amazing how this pretty little head band  inspired me to create this whole theme? How would you guys wear this head band? I'd love to hear!! :)



  1. stuning look, this dress is so cute on you
    kiss pretty


  2. For me its a very adorable and romantic dress!!!! I would appreciate if you came to visit my blog. Kisses,