June 16, 2014

Dress c/o Urban Philosophy
Headband c/o Jolie Usa
Turquoise Ring c/o Shop Compliment

As we all know a lot of us women love our accessories! We're able to create and complete our looks with them. From the little dainty pieces to the big, bold statement pieces. I love all of them.  They always make it possible for me to create the looks I want that suits my mood. 
On this outfit, let me start by saying how much I LOOOVE this dress!!! It's like the perfect off shoulder dress! And of course you can totally wear it several different ways, I think it will look so cute too with a denim vest and gladiators. I wore it with this super adorable Daisy Headband. I love this design so much, I think it's just so cute, fun and playful. It will look really good too with muscle tanks and I can't wait to rock that look! And of course I added my good 'ol jewelries!! I decided to layer the necklaces, mostly staying with the gold color so it's not too crazy. 
And yes, did you guys see this amazing Turquoise magnesite ring? Isn't it a BEAUTY?? I wanted to tell you a little bit about this ring. This and all the other jewelries from Shop Compliment are handmade in California. 5% of each sale goes to the Compliment Scholarship Program that helps fund students that want to go to college. My friend Melissa founded Shop Compliment in 2011 and I think that she really has a great concept. Each piece is packaged in a box, and in each box it has a compliment. It's just such a great way to remind us that we are all special. So if you are all about spreading the love, her jewelries would make the perfect and most thoughtful gifts!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!! 



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