I can live in overalls!!

October 21, 2013

Denim Overalls Urban Philosophy
White Copped Top Urban Philosophy
Purse Urban Philosophy / Similar Here
Chain Necklace & Arm Candy Urban Philosophy
Sunnies Urban Outfitters / Similar Here

This was an Italian fair me and the hubby went to this weekend. I love going to markets and fairs and try out new food and check out crafts and merchandise. You always find something new and interesting! 
Now let's talk about these denim overalls. They are so, so comfy! And I've already thought about a hundred different ways  to wear them really. Cropped tops & tanks for summer with flats, gladiators, sneakers or sandals and sweaters or long sleeves for fall with booties and with maybe your favorite beanie or fedora. I find a lot of the clothes I own I'm able to transform and wear from summer to winter.  I  came to that realization that this weekend. I was finally able to sort through and clean up my closet and get rid of old stuff! Aaah , yes that felt so good! I used to do that every year as I hate clutter. But ever since I started my own business I've been working literally 24/7 and now seem to have no time to do half of the personal stuff I used to do before. And while I sort through my clothes to see which items to get rid of, I found myself thinking "Oh but I can use it for summer. But I can actually use it for winter too! Thanks to layering!) So to make the story short, after hard decisions were made, after two and half hours and 4 bags later... I survived and feel really good about it. 
Always remember that layering and accessories are always a good way to spruce up pieces in your closet that you're not yet ready to rid off! ;)